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Picture this scene. You walk into the student union and are bombarded by a sea of red and black clothing. About half of the students inside are wearing something that sported the letters ESU.

It is the easiest thing to throw on if you need to get ready for class quickly. Hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts, and other apparel are staples for both guys and girls. Easily accessible at the bookstore, how can you not have something that shows your school pride? Not only does the store have the classic school colors, red and black, but they also have fun colors like pink to add some flare to your style. Although it might be a little expensive at the bookstore, you cannot put a price on ESU pride.

Student athletes wear their team gear around campus regularly. Whether they are required to wear them or not, they still show the most school spirit. It is extremely easy to tell who is on what sports team by just being observant on campus.

Over the years, the clothing variety has expanded. Apparel  used to be plain and the material was not good quality. Now, there is so much to choose from! The distressed material shirts are a popular buy because they are so soft. There are also cool half zip sweatshirts and the classic pullover sweatshirts, which are a favorite among students. Baseball hats are becoming more common among boys and girls on campus, too.

ESU clothing is very notorious on campus. If you are a student at ESU, you should own at least one clothing item from the bookstore. Even if you are a senior now and only bought something as a freshman, as a student you should have something to represent your school colors. If you do not own anything that says ESU, the bookstore is the place to solve that problem. Go Warriors!

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