ESU Fashion: Look Hot when the Weather is Not


SC Staff Writer


The weather is getting colder and students are beginning to dress more comfortably than professionally for class.

It is common to see people in flannel pajama pants or oversized sweats walking on campus.

Even though the temperature is dropping, there are easy ways to look good and be warm at the same time.

Guys have it easy. They can just throw on a pair of pants, jacket and a hat and not look sloppy going to class. If they want to be a little dressier, they can wear jeans or khakis with a sweater and a jacket.

Instead of running sneakers, work boots or Vans would make a guy’s outfit look more casual chic while attending class.

Although guys may have the easier options, girls have more variety when it comes to a winter wardrobe.

An oversized sweater with leggings is the typical outfit you will catch any girl with style wearing on campus. These sweaters are everywhere and also pretty affordable.

Add a scarf, boots, and if you are still cold, a cute hat, and there you have a cute, comfortable outfit that is warm for class.

You do not have to dress like you are going to a job interview for class, but putting effort into your appearance really can enhance your day. Just a little effort can boost your confidence.

It never hurts to look a little nice, especially if you have a crush on someone in your class.

Do not be discouraged by winter clothing options. Coats, hats, and boots are all seasonal staples for both guys and girls. Each item is also a personal reflection on your own style.

Whether you have a sporty look, punk-rocker look, or fashionista look, there will always be options for you! Keep your style hot during winter.


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