ESU Fashion: Bundle Up in the ‘Burg

SC Staff Writer  

‘Tis the season for Northface jackets. Guys, girls, and even professors can be seen bundled up in a Northface on campus. Although they are not very professional looking, they are perfect for the cold weather in Stroudsburg.

Northface jackets are great because they come in so many varieties and colors. The classic jacket has both fleece material and weatherproof material to create the perfect jacket combination for the winter. They also offer all fleece jackets and all water proof jackets. Some have hood and some do not. It is really up to the customer to personalize his or her own jacket for the season.

Guys tend to stay with the neutral color jackets. Black and charcoal gray are the big colors this semester for the guys.

It is good because both of those colors are neutral and look good with any outfit that is worn under the jacket to class.

Girls like to be a little louder when it comes to color. White is the one of the top color choices for girls on campus.

The white fleece Northface with gray weatherproof material is worn by at least one girl in every building on campus. It is a classic.

Next to white is the original black Northface. Black is great because it is not only another neutral color, but it is also easier to keep clean.

Girls can also be seen wearing pink, blue, red and even green Northfaces on campus but not nearly as much as white or black.

A Northface jacket is a must for the upcoming cold season on campus. A Northface can be worn to class, to the gym, to a sporting event and even to a party. It is the perfect winter accessory that will get anyone through the winter.

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