ESU Fashion: Keep Warm this Winter


SC Staff Writer

The weather outside is frightful, but the fashion is so delightful!

With the semester coming to an end, students are transitioning into warmer weather options.

There is a lot to love about winter fashions.

Girls love to dress in oversized sweaters and leggings with boots.

Guys sport baggy sweatpants or jeans, and a stylish peacoat.

Even professors adhere to the winter fashion code.

Women professors who normally wear dresses or skirts add tights to their outfit or opt for a pantsuit.

Male professors wear suits more often to class.

To keep students ready for the upcoming break, there is a fashion checklist that should be followed for ultimate winter fashion success:

Throw on a Jacket

Jackets are a must, especially for winter. Northface jackets can be worn on a daily basis.

They can be worn in casual settings, or on a night out on the town.

Puffier jackets are also great for the snow.

They are warm and are good for people who are active in the winter.

For a more formal look, a peacoat is fabulous for guys and girls.

Navy is the classic color, but gray and black ones are very trendy.

Zip up your Boots

Boots are a great way to show off your own personal flare during the winter.

Girls have so many options to choose from— it’s insane!

Combat boots, UGG boots, and rain boots are three of the most worn boots of the season.

It is always good to have a tall pair of boots that can be worn for dressier occasions.

Guys tend to stick with work boots for the winter— if they even wear boots.

Hats, Scarves, and Gloves  Galore

This year, there are so many cozy hats, scarves, and gloves being sold in the stores.

The grungy beanie cap has made a comeback; it is presented in so many different styles for both guys and girls.

Plain, patterned, or studded beanies are a must for winter 2014.

Girls also get the option to wear winter headbands or fuzzy earmuffs.

Boys usually wear plain colored hats; although, some of them are starting to be sold with patterns.

Scarves work wonders on the winter months.

There are so many patterns that can add extra style to an outfit.

The classic Burberry plaid scarf is one that can be enjoyed by both men and women; it will never go out of style.

Last but not least, complete the look with a pair of gloves.

Whether they are gloves, mittens, or a combination of both, make sure you have a pair to keep your hands warm in the cold.

Stores are even selling gloves that have a gray tip on the index and thumb fingers that are compatible with smart phones for easier access.

There are so many other fashion trends to follow this season, but these are three essentials that will always be necessary during the winter months.

All of the items listed can be found in affordable stores that can fit into anyone’s budget.

Keep warm during these winter months while anticipating the arrival of spring fashion next semester!

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