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Well it’s that time again—start of a new semester at ESU.

It is the beginning of the spring semester and it does not feel anything like spring.

Between the snow and freezing temperatures, students do not know how to dress for these cold days.

Retail stores are coming out with their spring collections.

Among the goodies at the store are shorts, tank tops, and even bathing suits. How can students be trendy when the clothes that are available cannot be worn yet?

Some trends from last semester are being carried over to this semester.

For girls, patterned leggings are a trend that can be seen all over campus. Aztec print, floral, and cross pattern are a popular choice for ESU girls.

Paired with any plain top, this combination can be worn to class or even a night out.

Two outerwear trends on campus are open oversized cardigans and long parka jackets with a fur hood.

The cardigans are a staple item that can be worn three out of four seasons.

Every college girl on a budget can pick one up at a store of her choice because they are sold virtually everywhere.

The parka jacket with a fur hood is another option, but is a little more expensive. Guys, too, Guys have also been seen on campus wearing winter jackets with fur hoods.

A warm jacket, preferably with a hood, is a necessity for every person who braces against the cold on a daily basis.

Girls on campus have been seen sporting these jackets in all lengths, colors, and brands.

For a warmer experience, girls can opt for a longer jacket that comes a little below the knee for a wintery couture look.

However, these couture-looking jackets can be a little pricey for college students.

Hopefully students will be able to embrace the spring collections soon.

For now, students will be staying warm and looking hot in their winter wear.

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