ESU Fashion: Just be you


SC Staff Writer

For most college fashionistas, one of the biggest weeks in fashion just happened—New York Fashion Week.

Designers from all over had models dressed in their top designs strutting their stuff on the catwalk.

This brings us to a question posed by all self-conscious college students: Like the models on the runway, are our professors and peers judging us on how we dress for class?

Everyone has had a moment where they feel that someone is staring at them when they walk to class.

“Is there something on my face?” “Is my zipper down?” “Why is everyone looking at me?”

These are all possible questioned posed by ESU students at some time in their college careers.

The truth is, there may be nothing wrong at all, but as humans we tend to sometimes judge others on their appearance.

If someone is wearing something that is out of the norm or maybe a bit more casual, there is a possibility that he or she may be judged.

But no need to worry, everything is okay!

Looking professional for class is a personal choice. There are a variety of styles on campus.

If everyone dressed alike, it would be so boring! This is college!

Unlike high school, students have the opportunity to show off their personal style rather than be confined to a uniform dress code.

Still, there is an unspoken truth about what is acceptable to wear to class.

Students should try to put effort in their appearance.

Just a little effort before class could boost a student’s confidence to perform better in the classroom.

Some students had good comments to say about classroom attire.

“If I know I have a long day ahead of me, I try to dress cute and comfortable,” said ESU senior Kaleena Smith.

“I think it is important to dress up for class, especially if I have a presentation,” said Courtney Schmidt, also senior.

Seniors may be more likely to dress professionally because they are gearing up for the real world. That doesn’t mean that underclassmen shouldn’t take note and look presentable.

English professor Dr. Cynthia Leenerts said something that is true for everyone: “Common decency taken for granted, we all should wear whatever makes us feel and act most brilliant.”

Although it is nice to look your best for any occasion, you must stay true to yourself above all else.

If you feel most confident in sweatpants and a hoodie, then hold your head up and wear it with style.

Ultimately, our actions define us, not our clothes, even though it is the first thing some people see.

Your professors won’t give you a bad grade if you wear sweatpants, but then again putting a little effort into your outfit never did any harm.

Be true to yourself and be your own fashionista!

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