ESU Fashion: Pucker up


SC Staff Writer

Within the last few semesters on campus, more and more girls at ESU have been seen with bold and colorful lips.

Just a hint of color on a girl’s pout can turn an outfit from drab to fab.

With the upcoming warm weather, students should expect to see the continued trend of lipstick on campus.

Lipstick can become a girl’s best friend– boys may never understand.

With so many shades and styles, there’s a color to compliment any outfit.

A safe choice for college girls is a neutral lip.

Adding a clear gloss or a nude stick to  your lips can achieve the extra polished look.

This won’t take away from any outfit choice.

Even sporty girls can partake in this lipstick trend.

Girls who are athletes or just fitness fanatics can wear a sheer lip-gloss to keep their lips hydrated and protected from the sun.

Now let’s move on to the more daring choices of fashionistas on campus.

For those who aren’t afraid of a bolder look, tans and light pinks are a step up from the classic nude look.

Wearing a shiny stick can add some flare.

For a natural appearance, stick to a matte look.

Next on the lip color scale are the hot pinks and the feminine Pepto-Bismol pink lipsticks.

Pink is the ultimate feminine color.

Even girls who are not really concerned with fashion may feel girly when they wear pink on their lips.

These colors are great for spring.

They make any outfit pop and people will be drawn to your lips.

As we transition into spring, the lipstick trends including purples and the infamous dark red oxblood colors are now fading.

These were perfect in the fall and winter months, but can be perceived as too dark for the spring and summer seasons.

Last but not least, the timeless lip color that has stood the test of time—sultry red.

Red lips will never go out of style.

From pin-up style icon Marilyn Monroe to the more recent style icons such as Taylor Swift or Beyonce, red lipstick has been their guide.

It can make any girl feel sexy or even a bit classy when she wears it.

Brunettes, blondes, and even red-heads can pull of the look.

As we are nearing closer to graduation and approaching the professional world,  lipstick will become a staple in every woman’s purse.

Every woman entering their twenties should have at least one red lipstick they can wear for that special occasion.

There is a lipstick out there for all of us.

Find one that suits your style and wear it with confidence.

Don’t be afraid to be daring and wear bright lips to class or to a party– wear lipstick and stay stylish!

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