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As the semester continues, students await for the warm weather to break.

The mood on campus is changed from dull and drab to happy and carefree.

With a new mood comes better fashion. What will be the hot styles on campus this semester?

Just from going shopping in the past month, stores are flooded with new trends that can be seen on our very own campus.

Here’s just a few looks like are in that stores just waiting to be seen on every ESU student this semester.



Pastel colors are always a staple in the spring months.

It reminds people of Easter and also connects with the blooming flowers in the spring.

Any clothing item looks good in a pastel color. Some guys may not agree, but they can look good in pastels too. A pastel golf shirt is a nice clean spring look for the boys.

For upcoming graduates, a pastel outfit could be good for a job interview. It makes for a clean professional look with a little bit of pop of personal style.


Floral print

Girls on campus are already rockin’ the floral patterns.

Pair floral leggings with a plain top for class, and you’ll look comfortable and cute.

Leggings are not the only place where floral patterns are creeping up.

Dresses, crop tops, and headbands are all being sold in floral print. There are also different floral patterns like big flowers or small flowers that appeal to almost every girly girl.



No longer are bows for little girls or cheerleaders.

Retail stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe are now making bows a trend that is exploding in teen and young adult fashionistas.

The ultra chic bows look good on long and shorthaired chicks. They also look adorable clipped onto a bun or underneath a ponytail.



Everyone’s favorite trend is back again! Stripes will never go out of style.

They go with everyone’s personality: hipster, preppy, you name it. Be bold and wear a thick stripe patter or stick to thin stripes, like pinstripes in a suit. You can never go wrong with stripes as part of your outfit.


Band Tees

Although some might think band tees are for emo kids or hipsters, upcoming style sources say otherwise.

Looks featured in college magazines and stores like Forever 21 are beginning to sell more and more of them.

Old school rock bands like ACDC, Nirvana, and Van Halen are among the few fashion shirts available.

If you want to wear the look to class, where a band tee with jeans and a cardigan.


These are not the only trends on the rise, but these are just a few that have been seen on ESU’s campus.

Expect to find more of these styles on campus, as it gets closer to warmer weather.

For now, go out and go spring shopping and remember to always stay stylish!

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