ESU Fashion: Irish attire


SC Staff Writer

St. Patrick’s day is approaching—what Irish style will you be flaunting for the occasion?

This is one of the only times where it is acceptable to wear orange, green, and white all at the same time. Take advantage of the opportunity while you can!

There are so many options to choose from to show off your heritage, or the fact that you simply love St. Patrick’s Day.

First and foremost, the day is all about the perfect graphic tee.

T-shirt businesses wait every year to make the perfect St. Patty’s day shirts for people to wear out.

If you are walking down the street, you may see people with shirts that say “Kiss Me I’m Irish,” “Irish Drinking Team,” “St. Patrick is my Homeboy,” and other fun Irish sayings.

They may seem a little generic, but these grapic tees are classics.

Any shade of green will work for this day. The go-to color is definitely Kelly green. Everyone looks great in this color!

Since the whole colored jean craze, green jeans are a must.

They are comfortable and stylish. Orange jeans work too, but they don’t seem to be as popular as green.

Green sweaters are great too.

Because the weather hasn’t warmed up yet, a green sweater is perfect to wear to a parade or out drinking with friends.

Blazers seem to be on the rise, so don’t think that you would look too professional if you want to sport a green blazer.

Throw it on over a graphic tee and jeans and you are ready to go.

Tying in with the green, you cannot go wrong with anything that has a shamrock on it.

Shamrocks are the ultimate tribute to St. Patrick and also a sign of good luck.

Shamrock stickers are a must. Girls love to wear stickers for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a cute, youthful look that brings out the Irish in everybody.

Make your day special by adding something with a shamrock.

The one trend that isn’t that popular, but should be, is plaid.

Plaid kilts are a part of the Irish roots of the holiday.

Plaid is a great preppy look that more people should be wearing.

If you want to be daring, go ahead and rock a kilt! People will love it.

If you’re a little shy but want to wear plaid, maybe wear an Irish newsboy hat or plaid pants.

Navy and dark green plaid print clothes are starting to sell out at stores.

Maybe this is a sign of an upcoming trend!

This is a day is centered around the Irish flag. Even the smallest touch of green counts for your participation in St. Paddy’s Day festivities.

Have a good time with your friends and look your best while doing it.

If you didn’t get your outfit yet, hurry up because stores are quickly selling out.

If you’re not Irish, this is the day you can pretend to be.

Stay stylish everyone!

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