ESU Fashion: Sunglasses


SC Staff Writer

With warm weather on the way, the sun’s rays will be beaming down on ESU’s campus.

What better way to protect your eyes than with a nice pair of sunglasses?

Becoming almost a staple accessory, everyone needs a good pair of specs to protect their eyes from the brightness.

From President Welsh to a freshman transfer, everyone on campus will be sporting sunglasses until the end of the school year.

Sunglasses are something that people love to wear, and they come in so many exciting styles!

Here are a few of the favorites that can be seen while strolling around.


Wayfarers (Ray Bans)

Back in the 80s, Tom Cruise was seen in the classic film, “Risky Business,” sporting a pair of wayfarer sunglasses as he rocked out in his tightey-whiteys.

These are the sunglasses that most people seem to be wearing. They are unisex, which is definitely the big draw. They also come in all colors and patterns now instead of the sleek black.

Because they are so popular, they are sold in almost every store. Prices range from very cheap at the local dollar store to over $100 on the Ray Bans website.



Named after a word attributed to pilots, this eyewear was seen on pilots and also police officers.

They give off a summer-y vibe and go with any outfit.

Some have mirror-like lenses that are very trendy. If you don’t have a mirror, you can just look in your glasses and all will be solved!



Oakley sunglasses are mostly for the gentlemen out there.

They recently became popular among athletes. These are more expensive because they are a name brand without clone-like knockoffs.

Still, guys are more apt to buy an expensive pair and keep them for a long time.


Cat Eyes

In the era of greasers and poodle skirts, cat eyed sunglasses and regular glasses were all the rage.

Well, they are making a big comeback. Stores like Charlotte Rousse and Forever 21 are bound to have a pair of cat eyed sunglasses for any diva.

Channeling your innermost pinup girl, cat eyes give you a certain flare that add to your outfit.


Big Round or Square

Big sunglasses will never go out of style.

Hollywood harlots like Marilyn Monroe and even Audrey Hepburn have been captured in the ultimate diva eyewear.

Tan, white, black, tortoise, you name it and it can be found in a pair of large sunglasses.

Even though they may cover half of your face, they are totally worth buying.


There are more styles of eyewear on the market, but these are the select few that are most seen on campus.

Everyone needs at least one good pair of sunglasses to have, especially with summer so close. What style will you be caught wearing this semester?

If you don’t have a pair of sunglasses, lost a good pair, or recently broke a pair, go out and get one soon.

Stay stylish everyone!

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