ESU Fashion: Nude Nails

nude-nails (1)By Alexandra Pliska

SC Staff Writer

An epidemic has come over the fashion world and is making its way onto ESU’s campus—nude nails.

The natural nail trend is becoming more popular than ever before. Colored nails are still around, but more hands have been painted “o-naturale”.

The natural look has always been “in”, but it has been overlooked by bright, flashy nail colors in the previous years.

Since preschool, girls have always been competing with nail trends.

It started out harmless, like sparkly nails or each finger being a different bold color.

Then in middle school, some ladies took it a step farther and started getting acrylics.

A lot of ESU girls have fake nails, but the numbers have dropped dramatically.

Luckily, nails are starting to be a little less “Jersey Shore” like and a little more tasteful looking.

Other polish trends were on the rise, but are fading out.

A woman’s ring finger is known for sporting an engagement ring or another ring significant to that woman.

In the nail world, it has become a fashion statement finger.

Girls all over campus were painting all of their nails the same color, except for their ring fingers.

Whether it was a different color than the rest, sparkly, or had a design on it, it was the finger that drew the most attention. It’s a trend that started with the reality show, “The Real Housewives”, but quickly attracted other women and young girls.

The trend is still out there as well, but is being put on the back burner to our new favorite!

Gone are the times of boring skin tone nail polishes. If you walk into any store that sells beauty products, you will be sure to find a neutral tone to paint your nails.

You don’t have to worry that your nails won’t match your outfit because tans, creams, and even light pinks match everything.

Neutral tones send off a signal that makes girls look like professional women. The natural nails draw less attention, especially in an interview, and give the appearance of a clean professional.

Every nail polish brand, from cheaper brands, like Wet n’ Wild, to more expensive brands, like OPI and ESSIE, have every shade imaginable for the new “Nude Attitude” for fashionistas of all ages.

Sick of getting colored nail polish all over your fingers when you paint your nails?

Another plus to skin colored plus to skin colored tones is that it is easier and less messy of a process. It doesn’t look like your fingers are bleeding, in some cases with red nail polishes, or that a pen exploded all over your fingers, as it often does with blue or black shades.

Every woman should own at least one neutral shade of nail polish.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t go a little crazy and have bright nails once and awhile! Especially in the summer, it is fun to be a little obnoxious with your nails!

Nude nails are just another way that you don’t have to try so hard to look clean and classy.

On that note, put on your “nude attitude” and stay stylish!

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