ESU Fashion: Wardrobe malfunctions

red-sirenBy Alexandra Pliska

SC Staff Writer

As the days go on, ESU students are that much closer to summer break.

That means it’s time for warm weather, sun, tank tops, shorts, and flip flops.

We’ve had a few nice days up here in the Poconos, but we’ve also had more rain, wind, and darkness.

Just like the weather these days, students cannot make up their minds on what to wear to class.

Students all over campus are on red alert by the fashion police.

There have been people in Northface puffer jackets walking along side students in shorts and sandals. What does this mean?

April is such an awkward time for fashion. There may be nice days where it is warm and acceptable to wear a light jacket or capris.

There are also days where rain boots and sweaters are acceptable.

The way Mother Nature  has been  treating ESU students might be the reason behind the confusion on what consequents appropriate attire.

Where do we draw the line?

For those of you that think it is OK to wear sandals to class, think again.

Sandals are great when it is warm for a consecutive week.

They might look great with your outfit of the day, but in reality, it’s a little silly to be caught in them before May.

Students can get away with wearing shorts because they are very versatile.

For guys and girls, shorts can be paired with a warmer top to compliment the daily weather.

It seems as though guys are never cold and wear basketball shorts year round, while they accessorize with a hoodie, sneakers, and high socks.

It is normal to see ESU guys on campus in that particular wardrobe combination.

Girls on the other hand, have a tougher time pulling off this look.

Girls do have the option to pair jean shorts with tights —creating a cute alternative style.

Models seen in the advertisements  for Forever21 and Urban Outfitters can be seen rocking this look.

The combination gives the appearance of a “springy” outfit, but it can also be categorized under fall weather apparel.

If tights are not their style, girls do not have to wear them. A thicker sweater, shorts,  and tall boots would make their outfits work.

Right now, it’s just so hard to not want to dress in the new, cute summer arrivals seen in stores.

Weather forecasts suggest that the warm weather is in fact making its way to stay in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Then, students will be able to wear the clothes that they have been itching to wear since the beginning of March.

Until then, remember to dress weather appropriate, not how the store models dress.

Warm weather is coming and the wait will be totally worth it.

Stock up on your warm weather choices before it’s too late. There will be plenty of time to wear them.

Stay stylish everyone!

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