ESU Fashion: Flower Power

By Alexandra Pliska

SC Staff Writer

Everywhere you look, you are bound to find something floral.

Whether it is an actual flower on the quad or a student in a floral dress, ESU is filled with floral patterns.

News flash—so are stores! Floral patterns are taking over for spring. This is definitely putting students in the spring and summer time mind set.

Flower patterns have been around for a long time. In the 70s, large flower prints were all the rage. It was a symbol of a peaceful hippie lifestyle.

Terms like “flower child” and “flower power” were often used to describe the people who personified this natural life.

Surely there were hippies back in the day at ESU sitting on the quad like many students do today.

In the 90s, the floral pattern changed to smaller flowers squeezed together on the fabric. It was most often seen on baby-doll style dresses.

The television show “Blossom” was a prime example of 90s fashion. The name Blossom alone hints to viewers how popular flowers were in the 90s.

Now almost two decades later, floral patterns are better than ever.

More students and even celebrities are reverting back to the old ways of hippie fashion and putting a new twist on it.

In almost every store, there  is floral everything.

T-shirts, crop tops, dresses, skirts, jewelry, headbands, you name it!

Flowers are the hottest trend and it’s taking over ESU’s campus.

Flower crowns starting to become popular last year and they are making a comeback this year.  They are great because they add style to any outfit.

They also come in all different colors and styles. The smaller ones, that use daisies or sunflowers, are the perfect accessory for a concert or going out with your girlfriends.

They are dainty, elegant, and add a touch of sweetness to your outfit.

The bigger ones, which are primarily made of roses, make for a bolder fashion statement. These have been seen on girls going to festivals such as EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) and Coachella.

It is perfectly acceptable to wear the larger ones more often, but be prepared to be noticed.

The top flower that is seen everywhere this season is none other than the daisy.

The most seen daisy pattern is a black fabric with white daisies strewn about with yellow centers.

Any clothes with this pattern are great for the spring. Daisies are also trending on denim.

With the return of overalls this season, Charlotte Russe is selling a pair of cut off overalls with daisies on the bottom. This has become a hot seller and is bound to make an appearance on campus soon.

Flower patterns are the perfect way to express your inner hippie and feminine side.

With flowers blossoming outside, how could you not want to wear a happy floral pattern to fit in with nature?

Start stocking up on your floral prints and release your inner flower child.

Stay stylish everyone!

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