ESU Fashion: Graduation Gear

graduation capBy Alexandra Pliska
SC Staff Writer

With less than two weeks left, ESU seniors have one question on their mind—what am I wearing for graduation?!

Graduation outfits are always a hassle to plan because they are not seen during the ceremony, but need to be appropriate for festivities afterward.

The caps and gowns are just plain black with no hint of color. The tassle for the hat is red and black, our beloved school colors, but that’s it!

If you made the honor roll and received an honor cord, you were given a colored cord to wear around your neck. You also can get a cord if you are in your major’s honor society.

It is kind of an incentive to do well because if you have a bolder sense of style, you don’t want to wear the plain, black robe.

For those who did not receive an honor cord, the only color they will be weearing is the red and black ESU tassle on their caps.

This leads to the point of why a graduation outfit underneath is important.

It is probably more fun for girls to pick out an outfit, but we all know guys like to get dressed up for special occasions, too.

It’s another excuse to buy a new outfit and look like the professionals that we intend to be.

Guys have it easy. If it’s warm, they can wear a pair of shorts and a golf shirt under their robes.

Khaki shorts and a plain shirt would suffice, but many guys on campus have taken it up a notch.

For a more sophisticated appearance, ESU grads have been known to wear a suit, even in the warm conditions in Koehler Fieldhouse.

Girls have a chance to have more fun. Dresses, skirts, and dressy shorts, are all styles that could potentially be worn during the ceremony.

Most girls tend to stick with the classic sundress style. Sundresses are great because they come in all different cuts, colors, and materials for a classic, yet comfortable look.

The biggest problems girls may run into are shoes. Every girl thinks she can walk like a model in heels—that’s not the case.

For those of you who can wear heels higher than three inches and be okay, you might get away with heels during the ceremony.

For those of you who are on the fence about your shoe choices, stick with a one inch heel or flats—you will not regret it!

Many stores have cute flats, and lower heels are creeping back into style.

One question that college students around the nation have is this—Should I wear my school colors for graduation?

It all comes down to a personal choice. No one sees your outfit until after the ceremony, so it really doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you feel fabulous.

Don’t stress about an outfit! As long as you are comfortable and presentable it won’t matter.

These next two weeks are going to fly by so seniors — get your outfits now.

Stay stylish everyone!

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