ESU Fashion: Let’s Party

party-clip-art-1By Alexandra Pliska
SC Staff Writer

Going out and having fun with friends is a past time enjoyed by all age groups. It starts off when you’re young, probably around 13, and continues for the rest of your life.

Activities may change with age, but there is something that will always stay the same—people care about fashion.

People care about how they appear to others.

“Party clothes” are particularly popular on ESU’s campus. The students are always dressed to impress on a weekend night out with friends.

Party clothes range for different students on campus. There are the younger students that may go to a house party or just relax with friends. The juniors and seniors can be spotted at the bars, such as Marita’s, Jock & Jill’s or Siamsa.

Anywhere you go on the weekends, you are bound to find an ESU student in some sort of party gear.

Guys don’t seem to have the struggles girls have with finding outfits, they care about their appearances as well.

Snap back hats are a common accessory seen on guys. It is the perfect addition to a plain outfit. The hats also match any t-shirt and sneaker combination the guys are wearing.

Sneakers are another popular trend among male students. It seems as though every guy owns at least 5 different pairs of sneakers, maybe more, and revolves his outfit around his footwear.

For a dressier appearance, guys can be seen sporting a button down polo, with more casual attire on bottom.

With the warm weather approaching, more guys are swapping their sneakers for a preppier boat shoe like Sperries.

Sperries are great because they are unisex and comfortable. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that can complement any outfit.

Girls have a wide variety of party clothes choices. The typical ESU girl wears jeans, a tank top, and wedges on a night out.

This outfit choice is cute, comfortable, and safe. It makes the girls look like they did not try too hard to be cute but they also put effort into their appearance.

Dresses and skirts are a one-night-a-week choice. Dresses are great because they are just as comfortable as jeans, but also have a sexier appeal.

The same goes for skirts.  It is nice to spice up your wardrobe with a skater or maxi skirt and make an appearance at the bar or a party.

High-waisted shorts and crop tops are other pieces that have been seen on ESU girls. The retro look can work on any girl.

Crop tops can be a death sentence, if not worn properly.

They are meant for the party scene, but some girls continue to wear them to class. It does not matter if you have the best body in the world—there is no right way to wear a crop top to class! Keep the crop tops in the party scene where they belong.

Styles will continue to change, but people will always be partying. Just remember to always look and feel your best and go out and have fun.

Stay stylish everyone!

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