Faculty Authors Celebrated

Students pose with celebrated ESU author, Dr. Heon Kim. Photo Credit / Eric Kump
Students pose with celebrated ESU author, Dr. Heon Kim. Photo Credit / Eric Kump
Students pose with celebrated ESU author, Dr. Heon Kim.
Photo Credit / Eric Kump

By Lian Mlodzienski
News Editor

The Sixth Annual University Authors’ Book Reception was held on Tuesday, November 11. This event, which was free of charge and open to the public, was held on the second floor of Kemp Library.

The University Authors’ Book Reception program started in 2005. It recognizes both faculty and administrators who have published books in the year preceding the reception.

“It’s a time when the entire University can come together to acknowledge and celebrate some of the work that our colleagues do in their areas of academic interest,” said Leslie Berger, a Co-Chair of the University Authors’ Book Reception.

She continued, “The reception is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with others on campus, to learn what our colleagues are doing, and to do so in a collegial and informational atmosphere.”

The reception opened with remarks by Dr. Edward Owusu-Ansah, Dean of the Library and University Collections, Interim Dean of the Graduate College, and Committee Co-Chair. Dr. Owusu-Ansah. He thanked all the authors for their works and both congratulated and applauded them.

Dr. Marcia G. Welsh, President of the University, gave some opening remarks before presenting the four honorees.

The first faculty author introduced was Dr. Gregory B. Dwyer. Dr. Dwyer is a professor in the department of exercise science. He authored “ACSM’s Certification Review, 4th Edition” and co-edited “ACSM’s Resources for the Health and Fitness Specialist, 1st Edition.”

This was his third time being a recognized author and receiving a pin for his achievements. He commented by saying that it was a “wonderful ceremony,” and he then thanked the committee for coordinating the event.

The next author recognized was Dr. Christopher T. Brooks. Dr. Brooks is an associate professor of history. He edited and co-authored “German Employment Law: 618 Questions Frequently Asked by Foreigners.” Even before coming to ESU, the idea for this book had always been a thought in the back of his head. He has also been contracted to write another book.

Dr. Maureen McLaughlin was the third professor recognized. She is a professor of reading and has co-authored two books. The first is entitled, “The Common Core: Teaching Students in Grades 6-12 to Meet the Reading Standards.” The second is “The Common Core: Teaching K-5 Students to Meet the Reading Standards.” Dr. Maureen McLaughlin was unable to stand at the podium and speak as she was teaching a class at that time.

The fourth and final author recognized was Dr. Heon Kim. He is an assistant professor of philosophy and religious studies. His book is “A Just World: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives of Social Justice.” He was also honored last year for another book he wrote.

Dr. Kim thanked his students and mentioned that he has learned a lot from them. He considers his students his classmates. He also thanked the philosophy department for their encouragement during the strenuous writing period.

Then the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Van A. Reidhead, gave a few brief remarks. He thanked all of the authors and congratulated them on their work. Dr. Reidhead said, “A book is a lifetime achievement,” and emphasized how great a feat writing a book is.

After these remarks, attendees had the opportunity to view the six books written by the faculty members this year. The books recognized at prior receptions were also on display. At this time, attendees mingled with the faculty authors and had the opportunity to meet and talk with the honorees.

Corine Lee, a transfer student and sophomore majoring in speech pathology is one of Dr. Kim’s students. She commented on Dr. Kim’s class, which he uses as an aid to write his books. “You are confused for the first hour, but the last fifteen minutes is a beautiful experience as it all comes together,” said Lee.

Ej McCallum, a freshman majoring in exercise science, is also one of Dr. Kim’s students. He said, “The ceremony was well put together and Dr. Kim is a well-rounded teacher who is very detailed.”

These authors and editors were chosen because they published while at ESU in the previous year. The books are accepted if the ESU faculty members are either senior editors or have contributed substantially to the content of the work.

The committee members hear about the books through a variety of venues. Because this is the tenth year that authors are being honored, many faculty and administration members let the committee know that either they have published or will be publishing a book.

“We send out regular announcements about the event to remind everyone to let us know if they’re published,” said Berger.

She continued, “We also learn about some of these books through the publication, “Faculty and Administrative Performances.”

Anyone interested in reading the books celebrated at the reception can check out a copy in circulation at Kemp Library.

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