Take a PEEC into Nature

By Eric Kump
News Editor

Located up on 209, further back than most would think, the Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC) is situated to supply everyone with knowledge about wildlife and the Poconos. One might even think they went too far or that they’re lost before they even find it.

PEEC has been around since 1997 as the primary area to share and observe information of the environment.

Originally, it was known as a Honeymoon Haven, located in the Dingmans Ferry area of the Poconos.
Here couples spent $125 for a week stay at this resort to enjoy a new beginning with their loved one.

Most people were questioning if they could afford this trip with so many activities. Some included were horseback riding, a square dance, bowling and movies in the Rumpus Room.

According to an article by Don and Barb Killmeyer, “the resort catered to honeymooners only, and the staff did their best to provide a memorable week for all of us.”

As times changed, so did Honeymoon Haven. In 1972, it was converted into an environmental education area that would bring back tons to the community. People years later would return to the environmental site and swear they had been there before, and that the area had looked so familiar.

The Morning Call stated, “In 1986, PEEC was incorporated as a private, non-profit organization. The center began a program designed to teach at-risk students from New York City about environmental concerns.”

From there, the program flourished through the years and extended from students, interns, and hobbyists to anyone that enjoys the outdoors. There are many programs ranging from summer camp with little kids to advanced bird watching weekends spending hours observing a hatching of an egg.

In 1997, the doors opened to this area for everyone, spanning a quarter-million acres, lush with the ability to observe and be explored. There are many extra things to do as well.

Some attractions include a quarry, cabins, tent areas and miles of hiking trails that allow for plenty of exploration.

According to PEEC’s website, “PEEC employs ten permanent employees, fifteen to thirty intern/environmental educators, and a varying number of supplemental resource persons to facilitate all programs and daily operations.”

All of the staff that works there are highly trained and are able to help with any plans needed at the site.

On Sept. 19 the Dragonfly Ball will be held at $125 a head for entrance to support PEEC’s twenty-first century sustainability campaign. The party will be catered by Krave and will have live entertainment.

For more information, contact peec@peec.org or call 570-828-2319.

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