Trend of the Week: Netflix and Chill

What is the real meaning of Netflix and Chill? Photo Credit / Pixabay
What is the real meaning of Netflix and Chill? Photo Credit / Pixabay
What is the real meaning of Netflix and Chill? Photo Credit / Pixabay
What is the real meaning of Netflix and Chill?
Photo Credit / Pixabay

By Tyler Zuk
Contributing Writer

Through the years, common slang and sex euphemisms have come and gone through the vocabulary of young adults and teenagers.

This week, we are analyzing of one of today’s most common trends, “Netflix and Chill.”

The global online streaming site known as Netflix first began in America as a DVD-by-mail service in 1998 according to their website.

In early 2007, Netflix officially released its first online streaming room.

These streaming rooms are offered to users who have purchased Netflix accounts to stream a series of television shows and movies picked from a widespread basis at their leisure.

These shows and movies are picked from a wide appeal of large audiences.

Netflix is also the source of many unique TV shows and movies known as Netflix Originals, which are written, produced, and recorded, by artists and writers affiliated with Netflix.

The roots of term, “Netflix and Chill” can be traced back to a tweet sent out by a college sophomore in 2009.

The meaning “Netflix and Chill” has since evolved over the past seven years: the one outstanding difference to the ’09 saying verses todays is it being literate rather than figurative.

This shows the major contrast between its original meaning to “chill and watch online video streaming,” to just simply “sex”.

The growth and impact of “Netflix and Chill,” can be credited to the fast thumbed “tweety birds” of Twitter, as the breathtaking growth of the hashtag #Netflix and Chill, became a roaring online phenomenon.

By September of 2015, a joke version of the dating app known as Tinder was created so that users can create what they coined as “Netflix and Chill” sessions.

In October, condoms bearing the phrase began to be sold in sex shops across the globe.

The following month, the Netflix headquarters, located in Los Gatos, California, had been vandalized in the form of spray paint stated the words “and chill” underneath its corporate sign.

Earlier this week, Disney’s Gotta Kick It Up actress America Ferrera said herself at a Hillary Clinton rally at the Nevada caucuses; “I really think I’d like to Netflix and chill with Hillary,” seemingly unaware of the phrase’s sexual connotations.

So yes, clearly the phrase and the online streaming site have continued to host its major impact on television and movie lovers and chillers from all over.

So whether it is you and your close friend, friend with benefits, or significant other watching your favorite Netflix programs (or you are perhaps taking part in more intimate activities) it is certainly a fact that it is amongst many college students most favorited activities!

What is your favorite trend of 2016?

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