Insights on Trump’s Current Actions

U.S. President Donald Trump Photo Courtesy / Wikimedia Commons U.S. President Donald Trump Photo Courtesy / Wikimedia Commons
U.S. President Donald Trump Photo Courtesy / Wikimedia Commons
U.S. President Donald Trump
Photo Courtesy / Wikimedia Commons

By Richard MacTough
Staff Writer

Donald Trump is an absolute embarrassment and gag as the leader of The United States.

For a man who judged the 44th President of the United States on “excessive use of power” referring to Obama’s executive orders, Trump is quite the hypocrite.

President Trump has already signed at least five executive orders.

One would be continuing the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline that harms the environment and destroys the sacred lands of Indigenous people of the country.

The announcement was made recently, months after a gruesome protest that included inhumanely spraying a hose on peaceful protestors in freezing temperatures.

Trump is proposing a seventy-five percent tax cut for business and asking congress to build a wall along the Mexican border.

The only individuals who benefit off this scheme is Trump and his billionaire buddies.

George W. Bush cut taxes for the wealthiest people of our nation and United States had the worst recession since the Great Depression. There is absolutely no reason to do that again.

Thanks to Trump, Billionaires can have a greater influence on our election when they are even richer.

Citizens United is a law arguing monster businesses as a person making a donation to a president’s campaign.

With such a high tax cut the American people will suffer with a hard and long chance of going back to a true democracy.

Trump’s own ego is going to be the cost of millions of jobs he refuses to acknowledge. A march for scientists is ready to take place in Washington D.C. soon.

Trump is already moving to control the research and terrifying information hardworking minds must share. Climate change is very real and a priority to the planet. Scientist are afraid to lose data that such experts know should be public.

Trump has created a dangerous environment for journalist who go to do their jobs just like every average American in this country.

He claimed the community as “the most dishonest people” of the country. His egotistical claims come from a temperament similar to a child. Trump’s lies are incoherent and ridiculous it is terrible to how others believe it.

He insulted the intelligence community, disrespected Obama for simply of race for eight years. Trump has found his support into the vulnerable and gullible of those impervious to fear.

Taxpayer’s money is now going to be wasted for an investigation for “election fraud.” Trump has no evidence and to say millions of illegal immigrants is inconsistent.

You lost the popular vote for a reason, Trump.

You know what the evidence is? We had the largest protest in modern American History of your presidency. Not to mention those protests took place in other countries as well. That is where the popular votes went to do on inauguration day.

They didn’t go to your oath of presidency because they have already known it’s a circus. The protestors know we cannot accept his ideology of bigotry and hatred in this country. Trump did do one good thing for the country.

He united the people who know we must work together to stop a narcissist from destroying this nation and the very principles it stands for. It must be reminded the Constitution gives rights to all people of race, religion and gender. Unity is power.

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