Mixed Emotions Over Snow DayStudents Say They Enjoyed Their Day Off

The Quad covered in snow. Photo Courtesy / Amy Palmer The Quad covered in snow. Photo Courtesy / Amy Palmer
The Quad covered in snow. Photo Courtesy / Amy Palmer
The Quad covered in snow.
Photo Courtesy / Amy Palmer

By Edita Bardhi
Opinion Editor

This past Thursday, ESU students and faculty members were awoken by the sight of a heavy snowstorm.

With an early start, everyone alike saw roads rapidly piling up, vehicles covered with snow and tree branches moving from side to side.

By 9 a.m., all anyone could see was snow surrounding the territory. Due to this severe weather, the university had every class canceled by noon.

Despite the cancellation, the weather condition still came across as terrifying and effectual to students.

“I was worried at first because everyone said it was going to be like a huge snow storm. So, I didn’t know what to expect, especially since it was so nice out the day before,” said Christine Belbey, a junior and front-desk worker at Hemlock Suites.

As the day went on, many students found alternate ways to spend their day and avoid the weather.

Some had even chosen to leave campus and go home for the day.

“There is no one on campus. It is just dead,” said Lauren Morrissey, a sophomore and ESU tennis athlete.

Amongst those who stayed on campus, nearly all viewed the snow day as an opportunity to either catch up on work, or use it for leisure time.

Students read, did laundry, exercised, and watched movies. Others went outside simply to clean up their car.

“I helped someone shovel their car out,” said Morrissey.

“I studied all day. Just literally studied,” said Belbey.

“I got to sleep in, so that was nice. I also walked around the campus to see what the campus looked like with all the snow,” said Elizabeth Crosinger, a sophomore at ESU.

Fortunately, the weather condition did not affect student athletes. All practices ran during their usual Thursday schedule, and students attended as assigned.

“Normally when there is a snowstorm or we have a snow day, we get to go into the gym early. But today they didn’t let us in until 2 p.m. so we kept our
practice time,” said Morrissey.

As for food, different students took different routes. Most students relied on Dansbury Commons or the P.O.D. but a few did not.

“I normally eat breakfast on-the-go, so I either go to the Union or to one of the P.O.D.’s but, none of those were open today, so I went to Dansbury,” said Morrissey.

“I ordered pizza and Chinese food because I didn’t want to walk outside,” said Kimberly Blagman, a sophomore and student-worker at Center Court.

While Kemp Library, Dansbury Commons and Center Court were open for use, most students viewed campus roads as a hassle.

“The library steps weren’t shoveled until noon or later,” said Morrissey.

A neutral judgement included roads being slippery, and not fully plowed. Students even thought that workers put more focus onto the main roads.

“Some parts are still snowy. I think they should clean those up. But the main parts are pretty clear. I didn’t really go anywhere like ‘oh wow, this is really bad, I am about to fall,’” said Crosinger.

ESU students enjoyed a day off due to several inches of snow. Photo Courtesy / Sam Werkheiser
ESU students enjoyed a day off due to several inches of snow.
Photo Courtesy / Sam Werkheiser

“It was slippery. I slid a lot. I almost fell a bunch of times,” said Belbey.

Blagman said, “It was very icy and snow-y even after the shoveling. I think they could have salted and put more gravel so there would be more traction and
less ice.”

As students have viewpoints on their day, they are also concerned about the commuter students who attend the university.

“It was a lot of snow, and this definitely called for a snow day. I’m glad they called it. I was surprised at first that it was any classes before noon. And then later on they said all classes. Because like, it’s dangerous for people to commute here,” said Belbey.

Blagman said, “I noticed that the campus delayed first and then later closed. I think that the campus should close if there is bad weather instead of trying to delay first. It’s unfair to my friends who commute. Why chance the student’s safety?”

At the end, the snow day was a luxury to students, however the snow itself became a burden.

Bad weather continued to strike the campus over the weekend, with traveling conditions becoming hazardous on Sunday and Monday morning as well.

Despite the weather conditions on Monday morning, the campus remained open without any delays.

Kayla Sutter, a commuter, voiced her opinion on the lack or delays and the conditions on campus.

“I am a commuter, and my drive to campus is around 25 minutes. I am always very frustrated when I wake up in the morning to see a decent amount of snow and
ice on the ground and no delay or closing. I think campus officials forget a big part of this campus’ community are commuters who either have to risk their lives driving in bad conditions, or opt to skipping class altogether. It is hard to make that decision.”

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