Warrior Relations Welcomes New Members Seeking PR Experience

By Samantha Werkheiser
Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Warrior Relations is a student-run public relations firm at ESU that allows students to get hands on experience in the public relations field.

The firm aims to assist small businesses, non-profits and organizations with their public relations needs, benefiting both the students and businesses.

“The goal of Warrior Relations is for students to gain hands-on experience with public relations.

Students have the opportunity to actually create public relations campaigns and implement them for small business and non-profits,” said Kaitlyn Johnson, director of Warriors Relations and a senior public relations major.

Warrior Relations is currently accepting applicants for the positions of Assistant Director, Account Executive and other staff members.

The assistant director would help the director on all projects and activity planning, recruit and maintain clientele and assist, advise, and evaluate executives during meetings while reporting to the current firm director.

The account executive would maintain regular communication with clients, develop goals and objectives with his or her account members and maintain a continuous and complete file of activities and completed projects.

These positions are non-paid, but Johnson said that this experience would look great on a resume and that she will give letters of recommendation to anyone who requests them for future employers.

No public relations experience is required for these positions, though the firm is particularly interested in students in the following majors: communications, English, business administration, computer science, hotel, restaurant, and tourism management, digital media technologies and art and design.

Johnson said the firm offers a comfortable learning environment for those without any public relations experience.

Warrior Relations was founded in 2011, but not much had been done with the firm until recently according to Johnson, she has been working on procuring clients so students can have a more hands-on experience.

Warrior Relations is a division of ESU’S Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Chapter, another public relations club on campus.

PRSSA regularly attends meetings held by the Pennsylvania Public Relations Society, which helps prepare them for dealing with clients.

Johnson says she welcomes all new members, for any inquiries or to apply, email esuwarriorrelations@yahoo.com.

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