College Is Not For Everyone, and That’s Perfectly Okay

By Samantha Werkheiser
Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Everybody is different, and I take that into account when writing this, but I’ve found that a lot of kids are encouraged to go to college when it may not be for them.

I witness people making up excuses all the time for missing classes or assignments, or people who just stop coming to class all together.

I get that college life is stressful and procrastination can get to even the best of people, however, millions of other college students in much more challenging positions do it.

Getting organized and on track can be hard.

As corny as it sounds, a planner of some sort really does help.

Setting aside time to do certain things can really help students do better in school.

I think something that contributes to the issue of not getting school work done is partying.

Some students have never lived on their own before, and upon tasting this freedom, they spin out of control.

Lots of students take longer than four years to graduate, even though they were originally supposed to graduate within in that time.

I think another part of the problem is that high schools, parents and educators everywhere push young kids to go to school when it may not be for them.

They make a person feel like there aren’t any other choices besides college, and that if you don’t attend, you will fail in life.

College isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. Even in a situation where a student is failing their classes, they’re still encouraged to keep attending.

There are many other options besides college and I don’t think that they are always presented to young students as best as they could be.

I don’t think people should spend their time continually trying at something that they will never succeed at.

If you’ve truly tried your hardest and school is still not what you’re good at, that’s okay; you will find your niche.

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