Thoughts on Abortion and Guns

One of the posters presented at the Woman’s March. Photo Courtesy / Wikimedia Commons One of the posters presented at the Woman’s March. Photo Courtesy / Wikimedia Commons

By Laura Jean Null
Staff Writer

When the Republican party generally thinks of the Democratic people, they think of us wanting to kill babies and take their guns away.

First off, I want to make it clear that the ideologies the Democratic party believes in are not all the same, just as they aren’t for the Republican or Independents or multiple other categories of political parties one could vote for.

Personally, I am pro-choice, but when people hear that, those that do not agree with this opposition have this automatic-socially-constructed idea in their heads that I am for babies being killed, which is not the case.

I believe in the ability of choice.

If you’re pregnant and realize it’s not the right time in your life to have a child, it should be the man and woman’s right to decide if they want to keep it or not.

Although, the time frame for deciding should not be 8 to 9 months when the creation in the female’s body is now an actual being.

See, there are limitations and circumstances to this idea of choice.

If a woman is raped, she should not have to suffer with a law that makes her give birth to a child by her attacker.

She’ll have to wake up knowing every day that a seed from someone who destroyed her is growing, whether she keeps it or gives it up for adaptation.

If the doctors tell a woman her child has a high percentage of being born with a life threatening or terrible disease, shouldn’t the woman have the ability to choose if she wants to make the sacrifice of mentally, physically and financially dealing with that outcome of her life?

It’s her life, along with the person she had consent to have sex with.

Together it is their choice whether they want to keep a baby and raise it or not.

It shouldn’t be defined by a law or some third party standing republic believers that having a baby or not should anyway affect them when they have no ties to these women who make the difficult choice.

It’s called pro choice because its supporting the right for no one else to have a say in that women body and life decisions other than herself.

I’m not supporting anyone to go around and kill babies, understand that.

Also understand the ironic concept that Republicans do not want people to have abortions, but do not support taking birth control.

Here’s an idea, making birth control more acceptable and affordable for all women, will help prevent unwanted pregnancies, because condoms can only be so effective.

Then, with the guns, personally I support the National Rifle Association.

In no way shape or form does that mean just because I am a registered Democrat does that mean I want to take away anyone’s guns.

No, it just means I want guns to be regulated so people with mental illnesses or just crazy people in general don’t go out shooting up schools and places like that.

Do I think we have the right to bear arms, yes.

Do I think everyone should be able to own a gun even if they have history of violence and psychopathic qualities, no.

But are government doesn’t do enough with guns and awareness.

The country is divided by people who are for keeping a gun and everyone owning one and the other part is just afraid and thinks all guns should be banned and taken away.

We need more realistic and logical solutions to the gun problem in America.

First, train people on the issues and concept dealing with guns.

Teach them safety precautions, how to use and disarm a gun in a safe well-educated environment.

This teaches people to respect and handle them, but also create an awareness that guns aren’t a threat, the people who go insane with them are.

Next, control the selling and buying of guns.

Make extreme extensive and multiple background checks on those who apply for a gun.

The problem in America is we make it so easy to buy a gun it’s not even a challenge, people can go through loopholes and literally receive a gun with nothing done.

I could go on and create a novel from my democratic view points and how republicans stereotype us liberals and snowflakes.

It still just amazes me the irony in the Republican party.

Sometimes, just like the quote from the Netflix presentation Bare, with stand-up comedian Jim Jefferies saying, “people who love gun[s] are for the most part antiabortion. It’s like they think all life is precious… unless it steps on their property.”

However, maybe I would not be registered as a democrat, maybe as an independent because that’s where my thoughts are.

Although, it is sad to say in Pennsylvania we have a corrupt system when you are not allowed to vote unless you are registered and dedicated to a specific party, which is only between the Democrats and Republicans.

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