New School Year, New Parking Fees

Campus parking permits are now $100 for the semester. Photo Credit/ Kayla Sutter

By Tim Kelly

Contributing Writer


ESU officials made many changes around campus to kick off the Fall 2017 semester.

Of the most apparent changes is the increase in parking pass prices for both ESU residents and commuters.

The parking permits for residents are now $70 per semester or $100 for the full-year.

The parking permits for commuters were $70 a semester or $100 for the full-year if purchased prior to Aug. 18.

For any commuters who were to purchase their passes after Aug. 18, prices are $100 a semester or $150 a year.

Price tags on commuter parking permits increased greatly from last year, when students were charged a flat and even $55 a semester or $110 a full-year.   

Students around campus have varying opinions on the increase in prices of parking passes as well as the University’s parking arrangement overall.

“Whenever student fees go up, students should have a chance to voice their opinion on such increases,” commented English department chair and APSCUF chapter president Nancy VanArsdale.

“I just don’t understand why it [the price] went up. If there was a reason, like to start to raise money for a parking garage, then okay I’ll pay the little extra; or if they assigned spots so that we [students] aren’t fighting to get one,” said Mattie Barone, sophomore.

“I think that the parking situation at East Stroudsburg University is relatively fair. The commuter passes tend to be closer to the facilities like the cafeteria and other buildings. The resident passes are typically farther away, however I believe that’s a fair ratio because the other parking available to commuters is for a list of the parking available to the residents at ESU,” explained Joseph Ross, senior.

Following the recent increase in the price of parking passes, Vice President for Administration and Finance, Mr. Ken Long commented on the change: “These changes were designed to specifically address some of the issues in parking identified to the University Parking Committee by students and employees. Such issues as: difficulty purchasing permits at the start of the year: availability of parking for commuter students; and incentives for purchasing full year parking permits. The changes in parking permit cost, along with minor changes in parking lot assignments were all intended to address these issues. In the coming weeks, the Parking Committee will meet to review the effectiveness of these changes and begin discussions on future improvements in on-campus parking.”

“The University encourages commuter and residential students with ideas on improving campus parking to join the University Parking Committee or submit suggestions to the University Parking and Transportation Office, located on Smith Street in the lower level of Hemlock Suites,” said Long.

According to Long, the current pricing and current parking policies are not permanent and have much room for improvement to provide the best-suited commuter and resident experience her at East Stroudsburg University.

To purchase parking permits, visit the myESU portal, click on the Students tab, and then the red-highlighted link “Purchase Student On-Campus Parking Permits for Fall 2017.” The link will bring you to the page to reserve a pass.

Click here for a detailed list of designated parking lots.

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