New Residential Suites are a MasterpieceStudents are Delighted With the Turnout

Photo Credit / Samantha Werkheiser Sycamore Suites has a pleasant view from the outside. Photo Credit / Samantha Werkheiser
Sycamore Suites has a pleasant view from the outside.

By Edita Bardhi
Opinion Editor

ESU’s newest residential building, Sycamore Suites, is something to admire.

As a current resident of the building, I have quite a few thoughts on the new suite.

At first, the appearance of it is beautiful. The admirable decor begins at the entrance.

As one looks toward the front of the entrance, it is there that they see blooming flowers and a long set of stairs.

The length of these stairs indeed adds a nice touch to the entrance.

Also, Sycamore’s back walkway leads to the entrance doors of the Hemlock Suites and continues onto to the Kemp Library.

These mirrored suites give students a large backyard to spend leisurely time in.

On occasion, I have even walked past Hemlock to get to Kemp Library, and it was a pleasant walk.

Other times, the view of the backyard is relaxing.

The sounds of laughter, the scenery and the bright sun is joyful.

In the dorms, the interior is creative and lively. Each floor has a different color.

The first floor is red, the second floor is yellow, the third floor is light blue and the fourth floor is dark blue.

Also, the wallpaper chosen for the halls is exotic. That is just the hallways.

The individual bedrooms have darker colored walls and carpet, and brown doors.

The electric fireplace in the lounge is also attractive. It is set on a timer, and it changes colors throughout the time.

Individually, I have always been an admirer of decor styles, therefore, I find all this appealing.

Another thing I appreciate about Sycamore Suites is the cleanliness of it.

As a former resident of both Hawthorn and Hemlock, I must say that I feel more comfortable being at Sycamore.

The environment is clean from any bacteria or bad habits.

Additionally, I am a neat and well-organized person, therefore, the cleanliness is appreciated in that aspect.

Thirdly, the upgrade of the bedrooms is helpful.

In the two older suites, the drawers did not have handles

This made it difficult to lift them, let alone move them.

The showers did not have enough space for products.

We need to buy additional caddies, maybe more than one.

The counter tops were at a low height.

There were a lot of drawbacks.

As I recall, I used to place my mini fridge inside my bedroom for the lack of space underneath the counter tops.

It was especially irritating considering I lived in a single room, and I had limited amount of space altogether.

Lastly, I find the location of the building to be highly convenient.

The entrance of the building faces the main campus.

The backyard leads to the Kemp Library.

When I am in the building, I feel as if I am in the center of campus.

After I finished packing and getting settled in, I realized,

“I am one of the first set of residents to live in this building.”

That on its own was a great feeling.

In all, I am awed by Sycamore Suites, and it is a privilege to live in it.

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