Trump Receives Backlash for NFL Remarks
Students Join the Argument with Thoughts on Controversy

Photo Courtesy / Pixabay Donald Trump’s remarks have become a hot topic of debate for ESU students.
Photo Courtesy / Pixabay
Donald Trump’s remarks have become a hot topic of debate for ESU students.

By Charlese Freeman
Student Life Editor

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a b***h off the field right now. He is fired. He’s fired!” voiced Donald Trump.

According to CNN news, on Friday Sept. 22 at a rally for Senator Luther Strange of Alabama, Trump expressed his disapproval of football players who either sit or protest in some way during the national anthem—and scolded the NFL owners for not coming down harder on them.

These comments were in response to NFL players kneeling during the singing of the national anthem instead of traditionally standing.

Since the players stand of taking a knee is a political demonstration against racial injustice, this made people question Trump’s political views on racial injustice in America. Trump’s comments sparked outrage among professional athletes, owners, coaches and fans.

In fact, Trump’s statements began an overflow of the quiet protest among football teams, all over the country.

Professional athletes were not the only ones who had thoughts about the president’s comments.

“I agree with the players because what they are doing is bringing light to inequality and injustice that has been going on for many years now in the United States,” said ESU accounting major and football player Calvin Fielding.

In light of the president’s remarks, some teams chose to stand and lock arms during the national anthem as a public demonstration.

Some teams including the Seahawks and the Titans, simply did not participate in the national anthem all together by staying in their locker rooms during the anthem.

“They’re kneeling as a sign of social and racial injustice. I don’t think they should be punished for it,” said ESU student Jada Martin, who is member of the field hockey team.

While the NFL kneeling controversy was reaching its boiling point, a new flame would in the NBA began involving professional athletes.

Similarly, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors fell victim to Trump’s critical eye when he was singled out for refusing to accept an invitation to the White House.

Curry’s team supported his decision and as a team refused to accept the White House invitation. Curry’s reasons ties back to social inequality and the simple fact that he does not support Trump’s political views.

In response, Trump said, “Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team. Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation withdrawn!”

Curry responded, “by acting and not going, hopefully that will inspire some change when it comes to what we tolerate in this country and what is accepted and what we turn a blind eye.”

Similarly, students agree with the Curry’s stance.

“He’s trying to relieve us of our first amendment. There’s more important things he needs to worry about. If they don’t want to stand for the country that’s falling apart, I don’t blame them. I might not stand myself. Standing means you’re proud. Most of us aren’t anymore,” said CJ McCullough, a computer forensics and criminal justice major at ESU.

When asked how Trump should respond to the backlash at this point, McCullough said, “Like I said, he has more important things to worry about. I think it’s okay for him to make a statement if something bothers him but not call him a son of a bitch especially on live TV. He needs to apologize for that.”

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  1. No. No you don’t! Smart move on not including a single voice on why that’s spitting in the face of all of our veterans who’ve fought and died for the greatest country, the greatest progenitor of liberty, opportunity, peace, and prosperity in history! These BASTARDS deserve worse than Trump just calling them out. Boo hoo, get some thicker skin than just letting everything our President (emphasis on OUR PRESIDENT) says that triggers all of you PC sissies. They do deserve to be fired! They are entitled, MULTI-MILLIONAIRES who think that they can get up on their high horses, and shove their political agenda down the throats of people who paid good money just to watch some football! And what injustice and inequality? What could it be that these people, who live in the country THAT MADE THEM RICH, have to shit on our country for? Police killings of whites are at least three times higher than those involving blacks, but you don’t see anyone bitching about that. Slavery, which ended more than a century ago in America, one of the earliest countries to abolish it, lasted far longer in the Islamic Slave Trade, and enslaved millions more than there ever were in America, which we fought our bloodiest conflict, the Civil War, over to set free! But go ahead, say what you must by making everyone of millennial age and minorities feel entitled and hopelessly victimized by our “patriarchal, capitalistic, oppressive” country which I’ll bet my last two cents you’re all tempted to call it. All I can say to this temper-tantrum, rampaging about Trump is two things…”Fake news and Four More Years of Donald Trump”. Good day. >:(

  2. No. No you don’t! You don’t get on your high horse and disregard and disrespect all of our veterans and servicemen and women in a public place on your job, where people paid good money to come and see you play football! NOT shit on our country like that! They deserve to be fired and you know it! Smart move on not including a single voice that reprimanded them in any way. >:( You aren’t any better a biased, self-serving, ideological echo-chamber than CNN is with this shit. Did you even consider asking any servicemen or veterans? My grandfather is a Vietnam war veteran, and he would never tolerate that sort of thing! And protesting what injustice? What inequality in the land that so many people fought for and died for that is the greatest progenitor of liberty, peace, opportunity, and prosperity for all citizens in human history? Whites are three times more likely to be killed by police brutality than blacks. I could go on, but you people don’t want to condemn this because you’re all afraid of giving people the impression that Donald Trump is succeeding in rejuvenating American spirit and trying to eradicate divisive people like these multi-millionaire, entitled, liberal elites who don’t want to protest ON THEIR OWN TERMS, and not shove it down other people’s throats, in the country THAT MADE THEM RICH! Go ahead and continue you temper tantrum over Trump! All I can say to that is two things… “Fake News, and FOUR MORE YEARS of Donald Trump coming your way”. >:(

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