Common Campus Internet Issues Explained

Photo Courtesy / Pixabay Any internet issues should be reported to Computer Services. Photo Courtesy / Pixabay
Any internet issues should be reported to Computer Services.

By Charlese Freeman
Student Life Editor

Jim Lockard, the ResNet Network administrator, discussed in great detail why and how particular problems occur while using ESU’s wireless internet.

The internet connection on campus is divided into two networks: ResNet and ESU Wi-Fi. ResNet and ESU Wi-Fi are run by two different departments; therefore, they have two different budgets.

Lockard expresses that ResNet has a bigger budget than ESU Wi-Fi. This could be a reason why students tend to experience more issues with the overall ESU Wi-Fi, rather than the wireless internet in their residential halls.

The ESU tech team is extremely short-staffed, with about eight people who are responsible for troubleshooting technical issues, many have to be done manually, but the technology team is dedicated to helping the student.

“Right before students started to arrive on campus, the computer team was responsible for setting up all the new machines in the Rec center,” said Lockard.

Lockard says that when he talked to students around campus about the Wi-Fi and internet connection, some seemed unsatisfied.

When he asked if they called the help desk, they said no because they just accepted it and said “that’s just the way it is.”

However, it does not have to be; students fail to understand that if they would simply report their problem to the help desk, they can troubleshoot their problems remotely. Some of the internet issues are simple fixes and have to do with either the device itself or the signal Lockard says.

“You’re dealing with old buildings that have wire mesh in the walls for concrete and if the signal is down I can go remotely and I can turn that thing up and crank it, I mean it could be broadcast across the street,” Lockard commented.

Students are constantly complaining about their wireless internet failing, but do they ever report their issues or ask for help?

“Compared to other PASSHE schools and some private schools, ESU is doing better,” Lockard continued, “Some schools make students login every 30 days and students are not able to roam freely from building to building without having to constantly login.”

In fact, some schools are still manually registering thousands of devices, while ESU has a system that is able to identify a device and automatically put it in the system. Lockard compared ESU to other colleges.

“University of Northern Michigan, ESU has them beat because although it’s a bigger school are stuff is better.”

Lockard answers a question that has had students confused, why is the ESU-Guest Wi-Fi locked?

Lockard simply responds by saying “The ESU-Guest Wi-Fi is for faculty and special groups that come on campus, such as vendors and for special events.

The guest Wi-Fi isn’t meant for general use because it’s limited and does not have access to some features that the student Wi-Fi does.”

Even when students bring their family on campus, they are allowed to have 10 devices registered on their account, but if students have multiple devices and so does their family members Lockard says he can easily fix that if students give him call.

“We have a lot of projects that we are working on, but they take time and money,” says Lockard.

“One big project they are working is the University Ridge apartments,” Lockard continued.

The wireless internet at the Ridge apartments are not the best, but because the ridge only houses about 200 students Lockard says the computer team must focus on where the majority of the students live.

Nawaf Al Nofi, the new IT administrator for administrative networks, says “That it is important for students to contact the help desk if they are experiencing problems that way we can fix them as soon as possible.”

There seems to be a problem of communication when it comes to these technology problems.

Computer Services sometimes fail to inform students when they are experiences some difficulties, and Lockard admits that they will try to do better communicating.

On the other hand, students do not communicate when they are experiencing issues. If Computer Services doesn’t know there is an issue, they cannot fix that issue.

Students are instructed to email with any issues they may have.

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