Academic Apps Can Help Students to Succeed in School

Photo Courtesy / Students can use apps to help them academically. Photo Courtesy /
Students can use apps to help them academically.

By Matt Hyland
Contributing Writer

The tutoring services presented academic apps for students. Hosted by our own Professor Jack Truschel, a total of 46 academic apps were presented.

Academic applications are very helpful tools that students may use to not only make their college life easier, but may help with students’ futures.

46 different apps were given in a binder, some of these standout apps were regarding time management apps and time limitations.

These applications fell under topics such as, time managing, planing, note taking, writing, relaxing and sleeping, using flash cards, habits and goals, and grades/homework trackers just to name a few.

There were a variety of apps, but two that stood out to the students, Quizlet and EasyBib.

Many people know and use Quizlet often. It was talked about more than any other applications its effectiveness.

Quizlet allows you to make your own study guides, flashcards, quizzes and many other study tools.

They also both have a phone application that takes the studying from your computer, to your phone.

To be able to pull up your flash-cards at any time is both convenient and easy.

One student, Ismah French, says, “I never knew about it until you told me, using the app has helped me study for tests a lot easier than making my own flash cards. And i can make my own quizzes.”

EasyBib is an app that allows the user to create bibliographies in any format quickly, easily and correctly.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary was also brought up and it is commonly overlooked as a tool to expand your vocabulary and knowledge. Linked to this was the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus.

Some of these apps, such as iProcrastinate are made to stop the user from procrastinating by setting up a schedule and an alarm system.

These apps make studying easier, as most people have their phone on them all the time. The applications for the phone are de-signed to be easy to use and helpful.

These applications make lugging around a computer a thing of the past.

Now all your grades, study tools and updates are conveniently in your cell phone.

This is helping kids with their grades and in the long run, assisting in schedule planning, Grade Point Averages increasing and therefore, better jobs as adults.

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