Warrior Den’s Outstanding Event: A New Shot at Winning Grand Prizes!

By Kathleen Kraemer

Staff Writer

The Office of Student Engagement hosts events and activities every Friday night at 8:00 p.m. as part of their Warrior Den programing. The goal of the Warrior Den is to give students an on-campus alternative to going out. These programs include events such as open mic nights, comedians, competitions, cultural celebrations, and more.

Last Friday, Jan. 26, the Office of Student Engagement partnered with Stage II and Student Senate to host The Price is Right.

Attendees began to arrive before the doors even opened for the event. Each attendee was given a name tag and a ticket. These tickets were used to randomly select audience members to become participants in the game.

Each game of this program was based on the games played in the popular television game show of the same name: “The Price is Right.” In the show and for this event, contestants are randomly selected and asked to play various games which all involve guessing the prices of different items.

Photo Courtesy/ ESU Flickr

The host, Cory Pollina, greeted the crowd of approximately 100 hopeful audience members and the first four participants were selected and called to the front of the stage by commentator Paul Ternosky to compete in the entry round.

In this initial game, competitors were given an item and asked to guess the correct price. Any participant who guessed a number greater than the actual price of the item lost immediately. The competitor who guessed closest to the actual price of the item was brought on stage to compete in the next round.

The winner of each entry round had the opportunity to participate in games on stage to win prizes including a coffee maker, earbuds, an Amazon Echo, and more. One participant won a new car (batteries included!)

Wonderful prizes were won by multiple contestants in “The Price is Right.” The prizes ranged from a small coffee maker to a brand new car!

After each competitor either won or lost their on-stage game, a new contestant was called to participate in another entry round.

After three rounds, the stage round competitors were called back on stage to participate in a wheel round. The winner of each wheel round progressed to the final Showcase round.

After some fierce competition and a few close calls, the Showcase round began with three participants: Justin Weng, Jhanae Levine, and Casey Pollock. These participants were asked to guess the price of the grand prize: A trip for two to Camelback Mountain complete with an hour long private snowboarding lesson, lift tickets, and two three-hour snow tubing passes.

After the winner, Levine, claimed her prize, Pollina and Ternosky began to give away the remaining prizes including a pair of Beats Solo3 wireless headphones.   

The next Warrior Den event will be the 2nd Annual Day of Love on Feb. 9 in the Gathering Lounge of the University Center. The event will be co-hosted by the Campus Activities Board.

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