Netflix’s New Films:March Marks Classicand Modern Releases

By Amanda Berry
Staff Writer

March is here and that means more new releases on Netflix. While some releases have been more anticipated than others, here is what to expect now that March has rolled around.

The second season of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” will be released on March 30. The story of the Baudelaire children continues to unfold in the new season.

It features Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf. Harris continues to do an amazing job of portraying Olaf in a funny yet creepy matter, all while breaking the fourth wall and keeping the audience engaged. The tv series follows of the books fairly well, and is sure to peak your interest.

Netflix will also be adding “Ghostbusters” 1 and 2 to the movies you can watch. While these movies are not new to the movie scene, they are new to Netflix and are classics.

The story follows a group of men who live in New York and catch ghosts for a living. Though these movies are not scary, they are good for a laugh and have an interesting plot.

The first movie revolves around the team catching a demon who resides inside a woman’s apartment.

In the second film, the team comes together to save one of their member’s (Bill Murray) son who is now being attacked by ghosts. The “Ghostbuster” movies will be released on March 1.

The Netflix original, partnering with Marvel, “Jessica Jones” will have season 2 airing March 8.

The series follows the Marvel character who uses her superpowers to work as a detective. Jessica Jones is one of Marvel’s more intense characters, as her main interest is not just in saving the world.

Jones means no harm, but she keeps herself as the top priority when it comes to saving the day. This series is a must watch for any Marvel fan, since it follows pretty closely to the comics.

As for romcoms go, Netflix will be adding Adam Sandler’s “50 First Dates.” Much like in all Sandler movies, he produces and stars in the film.

The story follows a man, named Henry Roth, who lives in Hawaii and works at the zoo as a vet. He never settles down, and finds himself having flings with tourists who cannot get attached to him.

One day while eating at a local diner, he meets a woman who is different. Everyday for Lucy is the same day, because she suffers from short-term memory loss.

Henry becomes determined to win her over, as he struggles to have Lucy remember him on a day to day basis. It becomes Henry’s mission to tell Lucy about her past, and show her that she can be loved even if she cannot remember anything from the day before.

These are just a few of the big titles being released on Netflix this month, but be sure to check out all the new releases, as there will be a lot of new and exciting Netflix originals added as well.

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