World Fair Comes to ESU Despite the Rainy Weather

Photo Credit / ESU Flickr Students pet Percy the camel at this year’s World Fair.

By Lauren Hernandez

Staff Writer

To help kick-off Global Week, East Stroudsburg University had its third annual World Fair on Tuesday April 3. 

Due to the rain, the event was moved from College Circle to SciTech. The animals were lined up on the sidewalk and near the door, covered with tents so they wouldn’t get wet. 

There was, of course, the camel, a few goats, a mini pony, sheep, and a yak all behind gates, but students and faculty were able to pet the animals. Closer to the door were rabbits, ducks, baby goats, and chickens. 

The SciTech lobby was covered in flags, and students were surrounded by culture. First, Campus Activities Board had an interactive table. With the theme of global week being mosaic, CAB had students glue pencils and tile onto a board. Students were helping build a mosaic for ESU’s 125-year anniversary. 

Next to CAB was the Rotaract Club, which strives for peace around the world while helping students become leaders. They had multiple containers of Play-Doh that students could mold into whatever they wanted. 

The Pre-Med club offered $1 Rita’s water ices available with all proceeds going to Relay for Life.

Down the hall, Commuter Council had authentic Chinese tea. Alvin Shang, a graduate student from China, made the tea to order, and got the tea bags directly from China. They also had clementine, fortune cookies, and candy and snacks from China, Japan, the Philippines, and Korea. 

Downstairs, Colleges Against Cancer had a Jeopardy game. The categories consisted of History, Celebrities, Geography, Fun Facts, and Traditions. If you got the question right, you won candy, pretzels or popcorn, depending on what you picked. 

A group was advocating for Reece’s Rainbow, an organization that helps special needs kids around the world get adopted. They were giving out bracelets and cards with information about the organization. 

The Wellness & Education office partnered with NovusACS to provide gift bags to help students practice safe sex and also free STD testing on site.

The gift bags had condoms, dental dams, and lubrication. You could also sign-up for the condom gram at the table. For the STD tests, NovusACS took blood and asked students to urinate in cups and then give their results. 

SciTech was filled with smiles and laughter as students, faculty, and staff enjoyed learning about different cultures, different organizations, and playing with animals. The World Fair was a definite success.

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