Senior Predojevic Earns PSAC Athlete of the Week

Photo Credit / Laura Sarria Senior Ernestina Predojevic earns her 2,000th career assist last week and earns PSAC Athlete of the Week.

Laura Sarria

Sports Editor

The fall season is coming close to an end. For some, it could also be the end of their athletic career.

For ESU’s senior Ernestina Predojevic, it won’t be the end.

Predojevic is a Sports Management major who has been playing volleyball since she was 12.

Her passion, dedication, and commitment were shown as she reached her 2,000th career assist against IUP this past Saturday.

She was named Athlete of the Week by the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) for her outstanding achievement on the court.

“I’m good at setting,” said Predojevic. “I make good decisions to who and when to set.”

Not only is Predojevic talented in setting but she is also a leader as the team’s captain.

“I think I have good leadership,” said Predojevic. “I am very vocal and I love to motivate my team.”

The volleyball team needs to win the two final games this weekend to qualify for the PSAC tournament — it would be the first time the ESU volleyball qualifies in over 10 years.

After winning their game on Tuesday, Oct. 30  against Kutztown on senior night, the Warriors will be working hard in their practices to make it the PSAC tournament.

To improve their strengths, they will continue dedicating their  Monday’s to blocking.

“Our blocking has been very impressive this year,” said Predojevic.

“We have a lot of injuries right now so we are just trying to keep everyone healthy,” says head coach Kevin Rodgers. “We are making sure we have our strongest line-up going in towards the end of the season so we can qualify.”

“We just want to get in it,” said Coach Rodgers. “I think the girls are well prepared and know what needs to be accomplished.”

The team is currently on a 20-8 record, eager to experience post season.

Predojevic plans to continue being involved in ESU volleyball and keep practicing the sport.

Beginning this winter, she will have two part-time jobs as a coach.

“Volleyball is my identity,” said Predojevic. “Even when I’m done being a volleyball player here, I will still be a volleyball player somewhere else.”

Predojevic enjoys to coach because it makes her feel like she is still part of the game.

“I look up to Kerri Walsh Jennings — she is my inspiration,” said Predojevic. “She is in an amazing shape, an Olympian, a mom, and overall an amazing player.”

Predojevic also recognizes all the individuals who have coached her since the beginning and aspires to be like them.

With the season coming close to an end, Predojevic is not looking forward to leaving her team.

“My team is awesome,” said Predojevic. “I am definitely going to be friends with these girls after college. I want to see how well they do and I am lucky to be friends with these girls.”

It’s important to stay optimistic and find ways to make a bad day better and Predojevic demonstrates just that.

“A bad day in volleyball is better than no day of volleyball,” said Predojevic.

The team will travel and compete against West Chester tomorrow at 7 p.m. and face Millersville the following day at 1 p.m.

The Warriors need to win these last games in order to qualify for the PSAC tournament.

Make sure you wish the Warriors the best of luck as they head towards the end of their season.

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