‘Venom:’ A New Marvel Movie Worth a Watch

Photo Courtesy / Sony Productions 'Venom' was an exciting film that marks the start of a new series.

Alexandra Palumbo

Contributing Writer

Marvel’s new movie, “Venom”, is the newest 2018 American superhero movie for children and adults alike.

With a PG-13 rating, this makes it available for almost anyone to see, and the movie has been getting positive reviews from all over.

The film is about a symbiotic life form named Venom who cannot survive without being inside an oxygen-breathing life host.

After killing one potential host, Venom makes his way into the body of Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy, and together they take down Life Foundation CEO Carlton Drake, played by Riz Ahmed, and his symbiotic life form Riot.

Marvel Comic movies are always pretty tough when it comes to movie critics with them being very pristine on everything from the actors, the editing, the music and of course the storyline itself.

However, I feel that “Venom” truly shows it all. With it being just over an hour and a half, it keeps you hooked from the very beginning to the end, and gives audience members a great cliffhanger foreshadowing the next movie of the series.

Hardy, Ahmed and Michelle Williams are the main stars of the movie, and their acting is great. While watching, you can tell they really care about their roles, and they truly portray every emotion the characters feel throughout the movie.

While the writers on “Venom” strived to make the storyline easier for children to follow, some audience members felt that some major storyline parts of the well-known comic were missing.

ESU student Stephen Chromey, a long-time Marvel Comic fan saw the movie and stated, “‘Venom’ was a fantastic display of digital effects as well as indulging the relationship of Eddie and Venom. It also gave me insight to ‘Venom’ movies coming to the near future. Overall, the movie was great but felt a tad bit rushed and felt like it missed an important scene as well.”

Chromey mentions the movies digital effects, which ended up being a huge part of the movie. Since the movie is based around a superhero, it involves having the cliche superhero powers. This involves flying, strength and super speed.

According to IndieWire.com, editors spent months editing the film and adding in effects and transitions once filming wrapped up, and many people feel that this shows just how dedicated not only the actors were, but especially the people behind the camera as well.

On a different note, some people who saw the movie and enjoyed it actually have no interest in Marvel.

Junior Rachel Eidson, who was not familiar with the series, saw the movie when it first came out, and everything she had to say was positive.

Eidson states, “I thought ‘Venom’ was overall a great movie! It had funny comedy, suspenseful action, enough romance and an interesting plot with its evil villain, of course. Whether you like superhero movies or not, I definitely recommend it! And as for superhero movie-lovers, I especially recommend it.”

The music was also great and truly made each scene more interesting or suspenseful. Just as Eidson was describing, the movie had some dramatic and thriller moments, but also included moments that made the audience chuckle and laugh.

Overall, the movie was unique, action packed and while some points may have been left empty for those who are familiar with the story of  “Venom”, it did not disappoint with tasteful comedy and a cute and easy to follow plot.

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