‘Goat Yoga:’ A New Stress Reliever for ESU Students

Photo Credit / Laura Sarria Goats come to visit ESU campus and help relieve students from their daily stress through 'goat yoga'

Laura Sarria

Sports Editor

Goat yoga?

I wasn’t sure if I was getting “goat” mistaken for something else.

Perhaps goat was an acronym for something.

I quickly googled goat yoga and what I was right – goats roaming around you while you partake in a yoga class.

For someone with a busy schedule – working two jobs, full-time student, in a club, plus freelancing on the side – I did not hesitate to sign up and for sure did not regret signing up.

I didn’t even ask why goat yoga was happening on campus but I felt like I need a break and do something I have never done before.

Christine Miller, the owner of the goats in Carlisle, PA., was contacted by Christopher Norris, the organizer of NextGen PA on campus.

Miller was invited to hold a three-interval goat yoga class throughout the day on Oct. 30 to attract ESU students to the voter registration.

The event was meant to distress the voter plan process. A lot of students at ESU are voting for the very first time and this process is known to be overwhelming.

By bringing something new on campus, it was a creative way to grab attention and educate students on an important subject.

Norris provides students with beneficial step by step guidance and support for all the hurdles the students may come across.

Goats and yoga is a great way to relax and interact with nature.

It’s truly a stress reliever being outside, doing breathing techniques while petting a cute goat.

Not only did the goat yoga attract students to get the chance for them to register to vote, but it also helped students relax and take a break from their busy schedule.

“I’ve never done goat yoga,” said Elizabeth Larregui, a sophomore at ESU,.

“I didn’t expect them to be so friendly.

I got time to relax plus learn about the registration process when it’s time for me to vote.”

As for me, I am still not able to vote since I am not a citizen yet, so my attention was more focused on the goats.

However, I did get some helpful information about the whole program.

For more information on goat yoga, please visit https://carlislepennsylvania.goatyoga.net/

For more information regarding NextGen, please visit https://nextgenamerica.org/

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