Billy Inge III Gets Named PSAC Athlete of the Week

Photo Credit / Laura Sarria Billy Inge III earns PSAC East Defensive Athlete of the Week.

Laura Sarria

Sports Editor

The fall season has come to an end for ESU’s football team with a 2-9 record.

Although with the tough season, senior captain Billy Inge III stood out and was named PSAC East Defensive Athlete of the Week after two interceptions, a touchdown and two fumbles against West Chester.

Inge is from Williamstown, New Jersey, where he attended Williamstown High School and was ranked among the New Jersey Division South Group 4 and All-Conference.

After downfalls in initial offers in Bowling Green State University in Ohio, he transferred to a junior college.

At Camden County Community College, his football career did not work out either.

“There has been a  lot of adversities and a lot of down times that bought me to this point.”

Inge transferred to ESU as a sophomore from Camden County Community College and got contacted by ESU’s defensive coordinator to be given the opportunity to try out for the team – and so he did.

“A lot of my strengths aren’t physical,” said Inge.

“I have a good work ethic, I try to be the best leader I can be, and I also try to be as smart of a football player that I can possibly be,” continued Inge.

Inge’s teammates have been a big contribution of who Inge is today.

“It’s hard to put into words how they mean to me,” said Inge.

“I would not trade them for anything. They have made a huge impact on me and I can say the same thing about my coaches,” he continued.

As an exercise science major, Inge plans on continuing his passion after graduating from ESU by coaching football with strengthening and conditioning.

“I wish to take the same mentality and passion I took into football and apply it to when I become a coach,” said Inge.

Inge has gotten some coaching experience while he was in high school and has coached in camps with the defensive coordinator.

He wishes to coach either at his high school or at ESU as alumni.

“If I could coach anywhere I have played, that would be a dream come true to me,” said Inge.

The season might’ve not gone the way they have hoped for, but they ended the season with a win on Saturday, Nov. 10 against Clarion.

“We were able to get a win after a streak of some tough losses and close games that did not go our way,” said Inge, “but it was the first win with our new head coach, Terwilliger.”

Inge also appreciates the constant support from his parents.

Inge was not expecting to be named Athlete of the Week and found out by his roommate.

Although Inge was grateful for being named, he said he was glad that his mom and dad were able to experience his son being recognized for an outstanding performance.

“I have a really great support system,” said Inge, “and that is really who I have to thank for being in this situation and I thank those who have been with me through everything”

“There has been ups and downs,” said Inge, “but my team is a family to me so I would say it was a great season. I love ESU football, my teammates and my coaches. It’s been the time of my life.”

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