‘Miss Greek’ Raises Funds for Cancer Research

Photo Credit/ Jasmine Rompilla Jasmine Rompilla of Lambda Iota was crowned 2018's Miss Greek Pageant by fellow Greek Life members.

Alexandra Palumbo

Contributing Writer

On Tuesday, November 27th, the Delta Chi chapter of East Stroudsburg University hosted their annual Miss Greek pageant in the Abeloff Performing Arts Center.

The pageant brought in almost a full auditorium, with the contestants having to go through multiple rounds including quiz questions, dress to impress and talent.

In total, there were only four girls as contestants, with Jasmine Rompilla of Lambda Iota catching the judges hearts and winning the crown.

However, Rompilla’s win was not just based on the show itself.

As the hosts of the show explained at the beginning of the pageant, all the money made from Miss Greek, as entry was not free, was given to the Jimmy V Foundation, which helps cancer research.

The more a sorority both voted for their sister and donated to the foundation, the more likely the contestant would be of winning.

By the end of the night, many audience members were very happy with both the show and the outcome of it. Sigma Sigma Sigma sister Gabriela Rachmaciej said,

“It was a fun experience, I thought the brothers of Delta Chi prepared well for the show because I was very entertained. The contestants were enjoyable to watch and each of them had multiple strengths in each of the categories. My favorite category was the talent portion, especially my sorority sister Jineane Hallaj who sang beautifully.”

It wasn’t just audience members that enjoyed the show, either.

Olivia Hollister, a senior who represented the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority of East Stroudsburg, did a Christmas dance for her talent and walked out to heavy metal music when it came time for the dress to impress section.

Despite not winning, Hollister stated “Participating in Miss Greek was one of the most fun things I’ve done this semester. Raising money for such a good cause while also being able to make all my friends laugh was something I could not pass up.”

One of the main reasons why it was such a popular event was because it was long awaited. The pageant, which was originally scheduled for Friday, November 16th, was postponed due to a large snowstorm that hit the East Stroudsburg area.

However many felt that this was for the better, as more people continued to get excited about it and the contestants had more time to practice.

This also gave members of Greek life more time to donate money towards the Jimmy V Foundation.

When the end of the show came around and the winner was announced, the hosts stated that at last year’s pageant around $700 was donated. This year, over $1,200 were donated towards the cause.

While the pageant happens only once a year, many people are already very excited for the spring semester, when Mr. Greek will be performed.

Much like Miss Greek, there will be one contestant from every fraternity and they will have to go through a series of categories before the hosts of the show announce the winner.

Both Greek events are open to non-Greek life students at ESU and are both done for a good cause as well. This not only gets people more excited about the upcoming events but also gives them a good reason to go have fun with their friends as well.

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