Commuters Discuss Sex Education and Wellness

ESU commuter learned about wellness and sexual prevention at the Commuter with Benefits event.

Lauren Hernandez

Staff Writer

The Commuter Council hosted Commuters with Benefits for the students that commute to ESU. Working with Wellness Education and Prevention, Commuter Council provided students with sex education.

Inside the commuter lounge, students could find cotton candy, heart-shaped cookies, and cupcakes. The tables were decorated with lively pink tablecloths, flowers, and hearts.

“We wanted to provide a medium for sex education to our commuter students to keep them involved with campus movements,” said Cody Szabo, head of Commuter Council.

Wellness Education and Prevention provided gift bags to commuters as well. They contained candy, pamphlets with commuter resources, condoms and the popular condom-gram flyer. They also sponsored a penis ring toss where students could throw rings on dildos with a suction cup end.

The condom fairies made an appearance throughout the union and gave out condoms and condom-grams they took out of mini buckets. Students also had the option to send condom-grams out as valentines.

“I love the condom fairies personally,” said senior commuter Perry Smith. “They’re hilarious, and you get free condoms, no shame in that game.”

Commuter Council and Wellness Education and Prevention wanted to not only provide condoms and promote safe sex, but they also wanted to make sure students are educated about sex in general. The sexual education system in schools is flawed, so they are trying to actively provide useful information, debunk myths and encourage safe sex.

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