WESS Radio Students Prepare for Successful Future

Photo Credit/ Aaron Oldfield Left to Right: Kyle O'Rourke, Erin Tamm, Zach Lospinuso, Chris Lee, Emma Lance, Nish Thomas

Natalie Irula

Opinion Editor

Students’ lives have been changed for the better through their involvement in 90.3 FM WESS, the college radio station, both in terms of career and tight-knit friendships. 

“Joining WESS was one of the best things I have ever done,” said Social Media Director Erin Tamm, reminiscing on all of her experiences, “Not only have I made great friends from it, but it helped me be more confident in myself, both on and off the radio.” 

Through her involvement in WESS, the creator of “Tamm’s Mix” has met life-long friends, as well as priceless networking connections.  

In terms of her career, the radio station has helped her realize her passion for social media management, making her previous career interest in communication narrower.   

“I came to college wanting to edit videos, then I joined WESS. Now, I don’t know what I’m going to love doing more: video or radio,” said Training Director and Digital Media Technologies major, Kyle O’Rourke. 

With an added concentration in video and TV as well as a minor in broadcasting, O’Rourke, also known as DJ Sealing, has a lot on his plate, but giving up WESS would never cross his mind. It’s made a hand in making him who he is as a person. 

“I used to never be able to publicly speak,” said O’Rourke. “And now, I love to speak in front of crowds, especially on something I’m passionate about.” 

The radio station seems to follow a distinct pattern in which its members bond as well as find their passions.  

“WESS is the whole reason I’m on the career path I am,” said Brian Bingaman, Music Director. “I came into school as an Athletic Training major and joined the station. I realized my love for radio and the passion I had for it.” 

Bingaman, or DJ Bing, has been with WESS for four years and runs two shows on the station, emphasizing his belief that “the station has changed my life.” 

His rock-themed show called “Don’t Panic!” features additional segments including “The Weird Corner” and “Woman Crush Wednesday, Even Though it’s Thursday.”

He also runs a sports show entitled “The PHL” which, according to the 90.3 FM WESS website, focuses on Philadelphia sports but also touches on “scores, stats, and news around the major leagues like the NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA.” As well as, “all things Flyers, Eagles, Phillies, and Sixers.” 

“The people are also so caring,” Bingaman said about the welcoming and upbeat social environment of the station, “you can meet them once and accidentally tell them your whole life story just because you’re that comfortable with them that fast.” 

90.3 FM WESS is completely student-operated and is very reliant on its dedicated staff and DJs. From the testimonies of staff members Erin Tamm, Kyle O’Rourke, and Brian Bingaman, the station promotes passion-driven careers and lasting relationships.

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