Meet the New Managing Editor: Elizabeth Deczynski

Natalie Irula


Coffee enthusiast, artist, gamer, dog-lover and writer, Elizabeth Deczynski, is bringing her upbeat personality and unique set of skills to the table as The Stroud Courier’s new Managing Editor and Advertising Manager. 

Deczynski, 22, is a junior and Professional and Digital Media Writing major and Communications minor who lives with her boyfriend in Reading, PA.

She transferred to ESU from Kutztown University in 2019, where she began pursuing a degree in Art Education with the intention of becoming an art teacher.

“I had taken a few English classes during my time there just because I really enjoyed them and liked to write,” said Deczynski. 

“After submitting a few papers, I kept receiving very similar feedback from my professors asking if I had ever considered writing as a career. Of course, I hadn’t. When I transferred to ESU, I picked up an English major that allowed me to incorporate both things that I love: writing and art.”

In her free time, she likes to create art, working with pen and ink, paints, markers and recyclable items.

“I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder when I was young and have found that using art as an outlet helps me to manage it better,” said Deczynski in response to her connection with her art.

Music-wise, she enjoys pop, k-pop and roots reggae music. 

“My first concert was actually to see one of my favorite roots reggae bands, The Green, and my most recent concert was BTS. So, I’m really all over the place,” she said.

Deczynski also enjoys playing Overwatch with her sister and is a self-proclaimed horror movie aficionado, looking forward to Halloween.

“My boyfriend and I are planning to have a horror movie day on Halloween!” said Deczynski. “We both love horror movies, so we picked a bunch of them to watch on Halloween and stocked up on Halloween candy.”

Deczynski is passionate about her dog, Rocky, who in turn has a passion for blankets.

 “I think he sort of looks like Dobby the Elf from Harry Potter because of his ears, but he is always wrapping himself in blankets,” she said about her dog. “He loves to burrow himself.”

As a whole, The Stroud Courier is proud to welcome our new editorial staff member.

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