Should Vaccines be Mandatory? Reviews are Mixed 

Students have been pulled in all directions throughout the pandemic and they continue to be as procedures related to Covid-19 constantly shift. Photo Credit/ Pexels

Shianne Shelton 

Contributing Writer  

President Joe Biden has recently passed a mandate stating you either receive your COVID-19 vaccine or you get tested weekly.  

In just a couple of weeks will mark the two-year anniversary of when the COVID-19 outbreak started running its course.  

Is it right to force people to get something that may go against their religious beliefs?  

To force people to put something in their body that they may get an allergic reaction from, and could possibly die?  

Have the citizens done their research to know enough about the virus to feel comfortable enough to get it or trust that the government and scientists have our best interest?  

“I don’t agree that they are mandating it, but at the same time you kinda gotta do what you need to do to keep everyone protected and slow down/stop the spread,” said student Eda Konar. 

“I don’t know, everyone has different perspectives on it. I am not choosing sides because I can see both sides.”  

Konar works at St. Luke’s Hospital located in Bartonsville, PA. 

“Even at my job now we have double rooms sometimes and we can not put an unvaccinated person next to a vaccinated person,” Konar said. 

“To be honest a lot of employees are leaving because there is a mandate now.” 

Why is it that the CDC is so concerned with an unvaccinated person next to a vaccinated person?  

Is the vaccine not supposed to protect people which is why many have dropped the mask mandate?  

“To be honest, I do not really mind it because it seems like the pandemic is getting worse and there are a lot of people that do not want to wear masks and do not care about spreading the virus,” said student Camden Gordon. 

“At the same time, I do not feel like a vaccine should be mandatory because at this point if you make a vaccine mandatory, you can make anything else mandatory, and just casually say it is for health reasons.”  

I can understand how people can be frustrated and confused because as soon as it seems like we have this pandemic under control there is new evidence that is presented and everything we thought we know goes right out the window.  

If the government would have done a proper lockdown when this outbreak first started, or even tried to get a grip on it when the first case appeared in China, I do not think we would be living like this.  

It is hard to put control on things especially when we have people who believe the virus is a made-up thing that the government apparently let out.  

Will we honestly have to live in fear like this for the rest of our lives?  

When we have children in a couple of years do we have to raise them in a pandemic?  

When will things go back to normal?  

To be honest I am not quite sure what the norm is anymore.  

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