Hungry College Students, Delicious Food, And Did We Mention It Was Free?

Aramark's logo (photo credit: Aramark Newsroom)

Xzy-Nayé Campbell & Emily Egan

Contributing Member & Student Life Editor

On Wednesday, February 8th, 2023, from 2-4 p.m., ESU students were cordially invited to a catering taste-testing event sponsored by Aramark.

In Lower Dansbury, along with dozens of students, East Stroudsburg University’s catering team served dishes of Chinese food, Italian foods, and Spanish and French desserts. 

Serving the crunchiest dumplings, gooiest caramel sauce, and crispiest General Tso Chicken, students at the event couldn’t stop filling their plates with hot, steamy food.

“The food is excellent,” Marissa DeCamp, a junior at East Stroudsburg University, said as she filled her second plate with dumplings, “honestly the best food I’ve had in a while.”

“This makes me want to come back to ESU,” Ryan Roger, ESU alumni, said, “I came for a friend, but stayed for the great food.”

With more than thirty food options on its menu, ESU’s catering service’s goal is to have “something” for “everyone.” 

When conversing with one of the female employees, she mentions that her mission, along with her other co-workers, “is to serve the students and to provide inclusion through delicious foods.”

Many students lingered past the event hours to collect food containers to bring food home for their family and friends, and as one student said, “their late-night snack.”  

Students and faculty were invited to the Catering Expo to hopefully drive up some business for club events, such as using Aramark, the sole provider of food on campus, for catering a banquet or conference. 

 The event was run through Aramark, and expo goers even had the chance to meet head Meet Executive Catering Chef Britney Dancho and Catering Director Rachel Wood. 

“The Food Expo had a whole bunch of unique foods. I had a Greek salad, General Tso’s Chicken, and delicious homemade chips. There were caters walking around asking how the food was, and there was so much more stuff there I didn’t get the chance to try,” Grace Boburka, a sophomore, exclaimed. 

Grace, who was invited by a friend to partake in the activities, wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but she sure wasn’t disappointed. 

“I think the point of it was to show clubs what the catering at ESU can make for their meetings, and I really hope to see some delicious food at upcoming meetings for clubs that I’m a member of,” Grace added. 

“The food was divine and flavorful, and I kept going back for seconds. Compliments to the chefs,” commented sophomore Amanda Strand. 

People interested in having Aramark cater their event can reach out to the catering team by stopping by Dansbury Commons between 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, calling (570) 422-3865, or emailing