How to Beat the Winter Blues

Credit: FreePiks

Mary MacIntire

Staff Writer

If you have been to campus at all in the last two weeks, you may have noticed the gloomy, cold and slushy environment that the weather has been providing.  I am not sure that anyone, besides maybe skiers and snowboarders, enjoys these kinds of winter conditions.

As you walk back and forth to class and around campus, it can be exhausting trying to evade the frigid weather and still enjoy daylight hours when the sun sets so early. 

The season’s weather conditions can cause more than just a general annoyance, however. In a Johns Hopkins article about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), it explains that this kind of depression is most common during the fall and winter months. The shortened amount of daylight is thought to be linked to chemical changes in the brain which may lead to symptoms of depression.

This is not just the “winter blues”. If you, or someone you know, is suffering from depression, reach out to a healthcare provider.  

If you find yourself simply fed up with the colder months, though, then here is a list of things to help keep you motivated when all you want to do is stay warm in bed: 

  • Organize a planner- Going to the store (or shopping online) to find the perfect planner, perhaps with stickers, a budgeting section, or even the changing moon phases, can be a fun way to start the year off on a more organized note.  
  • Donate old clothes- Sorting through your wardrobe and weeding out items you no longer wear can feel like a weight off your shoulders, leaving you with less laundry to do and more room for new clothes! 
  • Join a club- There are several different clubs on campus to connect with. The Involvement Fair this upcoming week is a great opportunity to find one you like! 
  • Do a fitness class- Working out boosts your heart rate and warms you up. And who doesn’t feel motivated after exercising? 
  • Visit the McMunn Planetarium– Have a longer break between classes? Stop into the planetarium during the day to catch a showing and check out the Schisler Museum while you are there too.
  • Plan something for spring/summer break- Since we all wish it was warmer out anyway, look forward to plans that you can make ahead of time for when it is. It can save you money.
  • Go to the salon- Whether you are looking for a haircut, color, manicure or a facial, local beauty salons have a lot to offer to help you feel brand-new. Explore online to see what is around! 
  • Find a fun craft- Making something with your hands (besides a new Instagram post) keeps you busy and entertained as well. Some options include painting, bedazzling, crocheting or even making a collage. 

Hopefully, these activities can help to shake up your day a little bit and keep you motivated during these cold winter months!