How I Dress Is My Business

By Samantha Werkheiser
Assistant Editor-in-Chief

I understand that the way I dress is sometimes revealing, but that is my choice and my choice alone. I don’t dress this way to attract the attention of men or anyone for that matter. I dress how I do because I feel attractive when I am dressed up. I don’t feel attractive because of some societal concept that says it’s because it’s what men want to see either.

I don’t care how other people dress; that is there own choice, so I don’t make a comment on it. I don’t even mind if people stare at me, I get that it’s pretty unusual for a person to be wearing a mini-skirt in the middle of January when it’s 30 degrees out. However, I’d like it if people would not blatantly tell me that I’m dressed like a “slut” or that “I’m seeking attention”. I don’t tell people that they dress like bums when they show up in the same hoodie and sweatpants every class, because I don’t really care what other people wear.

I also know how to keep rude comments to myself, especially when they are to someone I don’t even know. I’ve also been asked before if I think that school is a fashion contest, which I don’t. I really do just feel better when I’m dressed in a skirt or a dress; pants have never been something that I’m extremely comfortable in. I have always dressed up as soon as I began picking my own clothes out., so I never saw a reason to stop now that  I’m older.

I don’t dress in revealing clothes when I go to work, or to professional events because it isn’t the time or place to dress that way. We are no longer in high school and there isn’t a dress code, so I don’t see a reason to not wear the things I like. I guess my point is that you really shouldn’t care what someone else is wearing unless it says something truly offensive.

The way I dress should not offend someone, and if it does, they should really worry less about how people dress. 

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