ESU Parking: Students Continue to Feel Troubled by the Lack of Space

By Samantha Werkheiser

I find myself once again writing about the parking issues on campus.

I realize that I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but it’s for a very good reason.

If you haven’t read any of my previous articles speaking on this issue, I’ll clarify that I am, and always have been a commuter student.

Earlier in the semester, I wrote about my problem with the parking pass price increase.

It’s no surprise that parking has only gotten worse as the semester goes on.

Every day I find myself driving around at least two or three parking lots looking for a spot.

If I get to campus before 10, I don’t have too much of an issue finding a spot.

This is great for days when I have a class that early, but there are days when I don’t.

I appreciate exercise as much as the next person, but having to arrive 30 minutes to an hour before my class starts just to find a parking spot is ridiculous.

I openly admit I illegally parked in a spot I wasn’t supposed to, and I also will admit that I deserved a ticket for doing this.

That being said, it was a punch in the face to see the increase in price of the parking ticket.

The tickets increased from $15 to $25.

I ask why it was necessary to have this increase?

It’s not as though they don’t hand out enough parking tickets to make a good chunk of change.

Parking seems to be a privilege here when it should be a right.

As students, we already pay enough in tuition costs, we don’t need another added expense.

There was also an increase in tuition this year, adding to student’s costs.

I’m worried about the books I have to buy, my car insurance bill, my tuition, my parking pass and the cost of my parking ticket.

I have a decent-paying job, but it still never seems like enough to pay for all of the things I just listed.

This also adds more stress to my life when I’m already under enough money pressure.

It would be nice if I didn’t have to worry needlessly about paying for parking tickets and parking passes.

I know that the parking prices will only continue to rise as time goes on, and I’m thankful that I am graduating this year.

I once again express my hope that ESU will finally build the parking garage that they’ve been discussing for years.

I make a call for ESU to fix their parking problems, though I know this will most likely fall on deaf ears.

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